How to choose the right fashion accessories

To create a harmonious image, women buy beads, bracelets, bags, watches, rings and pins. After the start of the new season, they are interested in how to choose the right fashion accessories. It is not surprising, because the accessory makes the outfit stylish and fresh.

Stylists are pleased with a variety of accessories. In the fashion of massive jewelry. Therefore, women of fashion are recommended to purchase massive, heavy, large and voluminous things that will bring chic and charm to the image.

  • In fashion, wide rings, the surface of which is decorated with rhinestones, colored stones and leather inserts. Some items depict flowers, birds, and animals. Such rings are recommended by stylists to wear gloves.
  • Large bracelets made of wood, metal, leather and plastic. For the decoration of bracelets are used leather inserts, crystals and stones, rhinestones. In some collections of accessories there are bracelets decorated with lace.
  • The highlight are flat necklaces adjacent to the neck.Wooden, plastic and metal necklaces of various shapes are in trend. In a fashion large necklaces of golden color in the ancient Egyptian style. Necklaces-collars, decorated with beads or pearls have not lost their relevance.
  • Beads are also massive. In the trend of intricate and multi-layered products, decorated with plastic, glass, stones, avant-garde, colorful and bright elements.
  • Earrings in terms of size keep up with fashion. The form is diverse. Earrings with pendants are considered as a pearl, plastic products return to fashion.
  • The next accessory was a scarf in the form of a collar. He emphasizes the stylish image of a woman. The color range of products is warm and bright.

I think this information is not enough to buy jewelry and things of the second plan. Therefore, I will divide the year into seasons and review each in detail to make informative and interesting material.

Choosing fashion accessories for autumn and winter

Fashion for accessories is unpredictable and multifaceted, like the character of a woman. Accessories for the winter-autumn season are created so that women of fashion can reflect the internal state. Individuality is always in fashion.If today a woman is a shocking and extravagant predator, tomorrow she is a restrained and strict business woman.

  1. Gloves.Designers hold the opinion that it is impossible to create a beautiful and fashionable autumn-winter image without gloves. We are offered textile, leather and suede products, decorated with buttons, zippers, stones and sparkling elements.
  2. Belts.Stylists recommend choosing this accessory carefully, because only the right product emphasizes the waist and completes the image. Thin models of belts that are recommended for framing dresses or worn over the top are considered the best option.
  3. Wide fur and leather belts.Some with massive buckles, others like a corset. Presented and models of belts, resembling coarse men's products.
  4. Scarves.They are considered an integral element of the female image. The range of textures is striking variety. Stylists offer products made of fur, silk, knitted linen and cotton. A properly selected scarf turns a dull attire into a stylish and gorgeous robe. Fur scarves bring sensuality and tenderness to the female image.

It was the turn to talk about decorations, without which no fashionista represent existence. Stylists and designers know this, so they offer original jewelry.

New collections consist of stunning, impressive, interesting and beautiful jewelry. Here there are motifs of retro style, echoes of classics and outrageous products in avant-garde and futuristic stylistics.

  • The hit of the cold season will be large and massive bracelets. These catchy and noticeable accessories are present in every collection. To create bracelets, designers used leather straps, metal plates, leather and fur, and plastic.
  • In the autumn and winter, fashionable women have to wear warm clothes, designers have allowed them to wear bracelets over tunics and sweaters. A large bracelet looks gorgeous against the background of a business suit or knitted casual attire.
  • Not stylists deprived of attention and ladies fingers. They offer an assortment of rings with large stones. In the trend, combinations of round and rectangular products that are recommended to be worn on different fingers.
  • Many rings on the hand - not a new idea. Stylists advise wearing rings on four fingers.Each finger has one ring.
  • The trend of the cold season is massive jewelery. Fine and subtle ornaments fell into the background. Fashionable jewelry for the neck - beads, pendants, necklaces, medallions and chains of bright materials.
  • The list of accessories for the neck is large, and the crown of superiority belongs to necklaces-collars. They are decorated with fur, metal, plastic and stones.
  • Pendants and long beads are considered to be the next trend. Designers advise fashionable women to use fantasy and incorporate metal pendants, traditional keys, pendants in the form of locks, textiles, furs and wood into the everyday look.
  • At the peak of the popularity of brooches in the form of flowers. They suit confident and courageous women who are not afraid when they pay attention.
  • If you like compact jewelry, pay attention to the products in the form of flowers and on the model of a golden hue. They will bring a zest to the image.
  • Even fashion earrings have increased in size. Products of various geometric shapes like the liberated women of fashion. Any accessory will complement a business dress, stylish coat or fashionable skirt.

Accessories for winter and autumn - the standard of style and diversity.Designers have worked to make every woman on the planet stand out.

How to choose fashion accessories for spring and summer

Accessory - an integral element of the ladies wardrobe. Using jewelry, belts, handbags, hats and handkerchiefs, she fills the everyday look with colors.

  1. At the height of fashion, chains, beads and necklaces that are distinguished by bright colors and large sizes. Stylists experimented by combining various materials, knitted elements, stones, rubber and plastic in one product.
  2. Another trend of the season are massive earrings - elongated, round or in the shape of a droplet. Fashion designers also offer traditional solutions that are represented by small buds and bright medallions.
  3. Not bypassed fashion and rings, but they have not received significant changes. Considered fashionable large items.
  4. Bracelets are in metal fashion, but plastic and leather models are also in the collections.
  5. It is difficult to imagine a female spring-summer image without glasses. This accessory is considered an individual image subject. At the fashion shows showed a variety of options for fashion points, but the list of the most popular styles is represented by "dragonfly", "butterfly" and "cat eyes."
  6. Hats are different from models for the cold season. Panamas, hats and baseball caps that protect the head from the sun are offered. Such a thing will emphasize originality and taste.
  7. The straps were presented a lot. For the spring-summer season, perforated, colored, textile, woven, plain and leather belts are provided. In addition to the standard fastening on the basis of the buckle, the designers also offer knotted variants resembling a colored harness.
  8. The designers pleased the ladies with an assortment of fashionable bags. In the trend of clutches, trapezoidal products, bags in the form of an envelope or folder. Each demonstrated bag is decorated with spikes, patterns or stones.
  9. Scarves and scarves are in demand in winter, but they also found a place in the spring-summer wardrobe. A light kerchief is recommended to be used as a headdress, and a stylish handkerchief will complete the look.
  10. You can find other accessories: veils, bandages, hairpins and brooches. Any of the listed options are in fashion. Some stylists offer to decorate the head with diadems and artificial floral compositions.

Fashion legislators have learned to realize in the creations of women's thoughts and fantasies.If you carefully look at the models of accessories, you can understand that there is no place in the world for boring and monotonous images. Fashion calls to create and amaze with originality.

How to make fashion accessories with your own hands

In the middle of the last century there were no designers and stylists. People made accessories with their own hands. In those days, bags, scarves, beads and brooches were handmade.

Fantasy modern women are not worse. But, since any thing can be purchased in the store, the ladies do not think to do it with their own hands at home. Stock up on beads, shreds and leftover leather, purchase additional materials in the store and make an accessory on your own.

  • Knitted bandage is a great decoration. Make it easy, and in winter it will warm and decorate the image.
  • A knitted scarf will help decorate your head. Tie him on the head, and release the ends in front. The tandem from a headdress and an accessory will turn out.
  • What could be better than a knitted bag? This thing will complement a festive dress or casual suit. Black evening dress is combined with a small black handbag, decorated with gold threads. Knitted fashion at altitude.

The accessory can be made even from patches. Shreds make bags, scarves and hats. Nobody forbids experimenting. Combine leather, knitwear and fabric with a floral pattern in one product. Sew the pieces of fabric with threads, thin whips or leather ribbons.

If you make one accessory, in the future there will be new ideas. Using triangular, square and rectangular patches, create unique models.

You can make jewelry with your own hands, because there are no problems with the purchase of beads, fasteners and other materials. Hold the factory product in your hand, look from all sides, and within a few hours you will make an analogue using various materials:

  1. Beads;
  2. Beads;
  3. Pebbles;
  4. Feathers;
  5. Natural materials.

I advise to fasten the listed materials with the help of ringlets, clips and pins, nails, glue, tubules or carbine. Turn on the fantasy, prepare the material and make the accessories.

To create the image make an effort, engage the imagination and connect a sense of style. Remember, well-chosen clothes solve half the problem. Without an accessory, an image cannot be finished.Therefore, women of fashion buy accessories, thanks to which they bring chic and style to the image. The abundance of beautiful things allows you to achieve uniqueness at least every day.

Shops offer accessories in stock. Popular handbags, stylish clutches, original wallets are popular. And belts deserve attention. They differ in functionality and purpose. What have we come to? Accessories help create images in which girls feel at ease.

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