How to choose tile adhesive

According to its composition and properties, adhesive tile mixtures are divided into several categories. The most popular is cement tile adhesive. It comes in the form of a dry mix. It is usually diluted with water immediately before use. Due to the fact that this adhesive mass quickly sets in air, it should be used as quickly as possible.
For unqualified craftsmen, a one-component tile adhesive is excellent, which is a ready-to-use paste. Such tile adhesive is famous for its relatively long setting period.
Especially popular for tiling wet rooms are two-component adhesives based on epoxy resins or polyurethane. On the shelves of stores they are presented in the form of two separate components, which must be mixed immediately before using the glue.
For interior decoration of ordinary ceramic tiles, as a rule, use the simplest glue. Although even in such a simple matter there is an exception.For such flexible surfaces as plywood and drywall, for example, it is recommended to use special glue for tiles designed for difficult surfaces.
The main parameter to consider when choosing glue for tiling the facade of the building, its frost resistance. The water contained in the micropores of the glue, as a rule, freezes when the air temperature is below zero. Thus, the adhesive base begins to work not on the adhesion of the tile, but on its detachment from the surface. Only the correct proportional ratio of additives that make up the adhesive for tiling facades of a building can ensure its resistance to enormous loads.
Requirements for tile glue are increasing when facing walls, floors and ceilings in the pool, shower and sauna. First, it must have excellent resistance to water. Secondly, frost resistance. It is recommended to choose specially designed tile glue for finishing rooms with high humidity.

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