How to clean the iron?

Home routine is in many things that do, as a rule, do not really want. Especially when it comes to the care and cleaning of various devices. As you know, they are not very desirable to be cleaned, and mass takes time and effort. Today, dear reader, we will offer you the answer to the question of how to clean the iron. So:

We clean the iron correctly

The iron can be contaminated in various ways. Let's figure out how to cope, for a start, with soot.

  • How to clean the iron from soot? It should be noted that many models of modern irons and their soles do not need special cleaning. However, if you do not have the latest generation of iron, then for sure you sometimes have to think about its cleanliness. As a rule, salt is used to clean the sole. Take any small rag and pour in fine salt. Thoroughly wipe the surface of the soleplate to cleanse soot. And here is another way. Take a plain sheet of paper and cover it with a thin layer of table salt. Add grated paraffin to the same sheet, for example, from a candle.Heat the iron to the maximum temperature and move it around the sheet of paper. Sometimes, there is a very strong cleansing effect. Another method of cleaning from soot involves the use of tablets hydroperit. All procedures must be carried out in the open air. Preheat the iron to the maximum temperature and move the tablet on the surface of the sole. Strong gas will be emitted. As a result of these manipulations, the detachment of dirt from the sole occurs. After the iron cools down, it is necessary to clean the remnants of hydroperit and dirt with a damp cloth, and then wipe dry.
  • How to clean the iron from scale? This question arises, perhaps, more often than others. Again, modern models of irons have a self-cleaning function that allows you to quickly get rid of unpleasant deposits. Folk cleaning method is as follows. You will need some heat-resistant capacity, for example, a baking sheet, where the sole of the iron would completely fit. At the bottom of this container, you must add a descaler, which is sold in any hardware store. After adding the product, it is necessary to boil water in the kettle and pour it on the baking sheet.Now we take in our hands an iron with a scum and immerse it so that only the sole is under water. Now you need to wait 10 minutes, changing hands holding the device. Scale should disappear after these actions.
  • How to clean the sole of the iron? The nature of cleaning the sole is determined by how the latter was contaminated. The first two methods, described above, are suitable for cleaning scale and scale. But how else can an iron be stained? Rust is what makes ironing impossible. It is possible to get rid of rust on the sole. On sale there is a special pencil for cleaning the sole of the iron. Its functions include cleaning from a variety of contaminants - from scale to starch stains. It is necessary to heat the iron according to the instructions to the pencil, apply its contents on the problem surface and wipe the sole with a cloth.
  • How to clean teflon iron? The special material from which your iron is made requires a special relationship. Teflon iron is recommended to be cleaned with a damp cloth with small dirt in the conditions of its complete cooling. Yellowish bloom can be removed with cotton wool dipped in vinegar.
  • How to clean the iron inside? In this case, rather, it means that scum appears inside the steam channels. To overcome this problem will help the way that we described when talking about getting rid of scale. It must be remembered, however, that the problem may arise again if you use low-quality water when ironing. As a rule, the instructions that come with your model of iron, has accurate and complete information about what kind of water is needed for effective and safe operation of the iron.

We hope that our advice will help you to deal with the problem of contamination of your device. Good luck, dear reader!

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