How to conduct the wiring

If you want to replace old, or burnt wiring, you must first determine its location in the wall. If you have a friend electrician, ask him for a special device that helps to find hidden wiring, if there is no such friend, you will have to buy the device. After its location is found, draw a pencil on the wall with its path. I hope you should not mention that before carrying out further work, the apartment should be de-energized.
Now you need to carefully working with a punch, pierce the wall and remove the old wiring. If you have already decided where your powerful equipment, refrigerator, washing machine will stand, then we will carry out the thickest and most high-quality wires to these places. And in places where the equipment is weaker: TV, computer, lamps, etc., you can spend the wiring more thinly. Now decide whether to leave the wiring in the same places, or to conduct new channels for its broach, if you do not plan any European-quality repair of the exotic plan, I recommend leaving the wiring in the old nests.
Many, for example, are not satisfied with the old position of the sockets, or their number, in which case you will have to make new channels and do the wiring in a new way.
All the work has been done, you have decided where and how the sockets, the refrigerator and the washing machine with a boiler will be installed, then you can proceed to the putty and leveling. After that you can install all the outlets. I want to add that in the same way you can carry out the television cable, telephone and Internet cable, nowadays there are special sockets for all types of communications, from which you can later spend the cable where you need, it will save you from constantly stumbling about wires scattered around the apartment. Old aluminum wires can not withstand the burden of modern, powerful household appliances, so you should think about replacing them with new wiring. Now used copper wire, can withstand heavy loads.

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