How to connect an external hard drive?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
September 18, 2014
How to connect an external hard drive?

Sometimes on a personal computer you need to hold so much information that the hard disk installed in the system unit is not enough. And the volumes of some files are so large that it is not always possible to choose a suitable flash card. We come to the aid of external HDD (external hard drive) of different volumes. When connecting an external HDD to a computer, there may be some difficulties.


How to connect an external hard drive to the computer? There are two types of HDD devices.

  1. The first has a 3.5 inch hard drive power slot. In this case, one cable of the HDD drive should be connected to the USB port, and the other to the power supply of 220V. Such a hard disk requires more power for the hard drive to work properly, and those 5 volts that are available in the USB port are not enough.
  2. The second type of hard drive has a 2.5 inch power slot. It's all much easier.Only one cable is needed that connects the hard drive to the USB port. If the USB port does not produce 5 volts necessary for the operation of the equipment, then you will have to use an additional Y-shaped cable. This cord is also connected to the computer, making additional power for the smooth operation of an external HDD device.


How to install an external hard drive? The PC system accepts an external hard drive as new hardware. For this reason, the system automatically starts searching for the connected device driver. They are initially sewn into the hard drive itself, so there is no need to search for them on the Internet, they will install themselves. It happens that during the installation of the driver fails. In this case, it is worth trying two methods of eliminating this problem.


  1. Disable installed antivirus. Sometimes the antivirus perceives installation files for viruses and does not allow them to work. Turning off the antivirus, re-connect the HDD to the system. If it fails again, then proceed to the second method.
  2. Manual driver update. To do this, go to the “Device Manager” (“Start”> “Control Panel”> “Device Manager”), find the external hard disk in the device list, click the “Update driver” tab with the mouse.Tooltips will help you choose a menu that allows you to install the driver in manual mode. The location of the driver is the HDD itself.

After such manipulations in 99 cases out of 100 everything is restored and works.

Often when you first connect the system scans the device for a long time, do not take it as a system failure to install new equipment. Do not rush to cancel the operation or disconnect the device, be patient. If after 10-15 minutes the equipment is not found, then perform a manual setup as described above.

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