How to connect to a remote computer?

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How to connect to a remote computer?

If you want to have access to all your computers, then you need to think about connecting remote access, which will allow you to view files on other devices at any time. The article presents ways of telling how to connect to a remote computer.

Connect a remote computer

There are several ways to connect to a remote computer:

  • Windows tools;
  • TeamViewer;
  • Google Chrome Remote Desctop.

Windows Tools

To connect to a remote computer through Windows, it is necessary that all computers are networked or connected via a router or VPN. After checking this, follow this:

  1. Go to the start and right-click on the tab "My Computer".
  2. Select "Configure Remote Access" and click "Allow Remote Assistance Connections to This Computer."
  3. Select users and click Add.
  4. Find the name of the system, because when you connect, you will need this information.To do this, in the line "Computer", enter the Windows key + Pause.
  5. Connect to the computer. To do this, enter the name of the user to which you are connecting, and the name of the computer from which you are working. Next, click "Connect".

It should be noted that it will be possible to connect to a remote computer if sleep mode is turned off.


This program allows you to quickly connect to a remote computer. In order to get this opportunity, you need to download the application from the official site and install it. During installation, you must select an interface language, and also tick the box next to "personal / non-commercial use." After that, the application must be configured:

  1. Open on the remote computer full access to the system.
  2. In the “Uncontrolled Access” settings, enter your username and password. It is worth noting that the password must be difficult to break.
  3. To view all connections, you must create an account on the TeamViewer site.
  4. Run the program and do not close it, which will allow you to connect to a remote computer at any time.
  5. Install this program on another device and use your login and password that you entered in the settings to log in to the system.

Google Chrome Remote Desctop

Google Chrome Remote Desctop is another handy application that allows you to work with remote devices. You can download it from the site.

To gain access to a remote computer, the program must be installed on two devices (the one that needs to be connected and the one from which you will work). During installation, you will need to create an account with Google.

  1. If you want to log in to a remote computer, you need to open the “Remote Desktop” by logging into your Google account and selecting “Allow remote connections”.
  2. Next, think up a PIN-code that will protect your computer from hacking.
  3. After you enter the code, the application is installed on your device.
  4. Connect to a remote computer by writing a PIN. The screen of the remote computer should appear in Google Chrome.

If you want to grant access to a computer for a while, you can use a temporary password. To do this, click "Share" and create a password.

In addition, in order for the program to work properly, you must disable sleep mode.

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