How to cook barbecue vegetables

Vegetables, roasted on a barbecue, serve as an ideal addition not only to kebabs, but also to various fish dishes. In this case we are talking about fish cooked in a smokehouse or on coals.

What kind of vegetables should be used for roasting on the grill? This is the personal taste of everyone. It is best to use: corn cobs, eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes, young zucchini, Bulgarian pepper and even onions. You can fry them in solid form. But many are cut in half or rings.

Roasting occurs, of course, on coals, and not on an open fire, as many might think. The grille should be located at a height of at least fifteen centimeters from the coals.

Before putting the vegetables on the rack, they should be lubricated with butter or sunflower oil. Salt a little while roasting. Suitable and olive oil. Some holiday connoisseurs use soy sauce. If you grease vegetables with soy sauce, then you should not rush with the addition of salt.

Vegetables are laid out on the already heated grid. Roasting time depends on how much heat comes from the coals. On average, it takes literally 7-8 minutes.

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