How to cook meat in French - 4 step by step recipe

It is not always possible to cook tender, fragrant and melting meat in the mouth. However, cooks who know how to cook meat in French at home rarely encounter this problem.

Suitable for any meat: chicken, pork, lamb or beef. The main thing is a high-quality and fresh product, which is sold in the meat pavilion.

At the beginning of the article I will talk about the rules of cooking treats. Next, I will consider four step-by-step prescriptions.

  • Meat cut across the fibers. The thickness of the pieces does not exceed one and a half centimeters. Each slice is beaten, salt, add pepper and spices.
  • Many novice cooks make a mistake - use poorly thawed meat or cut into small pieces. The result is a dried dish.
  • Recipes provide for the use of sliced ​​and pickled onions. Onion rings fold in a deep bowl, pour chilled boiled water,add a little vinegar, sugar, salt. After half an hour, lay the onion without liquid on the meat.
  • Spread the ingredients correctly. First of all, place the meat on a baking sheet. Make the next layer of onion, and then of potato slices. Potato necessarily salt and sprinkle with spices.
  • The last layer is grated cheese, which is covered with mayonnaise. I recommend baking in the oven at 180 degrees.

To make the meat juicy, first lightly fry in a pan, and then put on a baking sheet. If there is no cheese and mayonnaise, use cheese and thick sour cream.

Some cooks add tomatoes that are laid out on potatoes. Potatoes do not have to be sliced. You can skip through the grater, which will add tenderness.

Meat in French from pork

Pork with oranges

Previously, cooked from pork tenderloin, now use lamb, beef, pork. Contrary to the name, the dish does not apply to French cuisine. But this is not the main thing. It is important that each person cooks pork in this way, it will not take much effort.

Classic recipe

  • Pork tenderloin - 1 kg.
  • Onion - 2 pcs.
  • Processed cheese - 2 packs.
  • Spices, mayonnaise, laurel, salt.
  1. Pork cut into slices, as for a shish kebab, sprinkle with a mixture of salt, pepper and spices. Marinate at least thirty minutes.
  2. Cut the tenderloin with the juice in a deep frying pan. If not, take the form or baking sheet.
  3. Top with sliced ​​onions. He has to close the pork. Next, put in the pan a few bay leaves.
  4. Spread the onion with the melted cheese through the grater. Fresh cheese grate hard. You can solve the problem by holding it in the freezer. Top with mayonnaise.
  5. Send the griddle to the oven preheated to 180 degrees. Cook for an hour.

Prepare the dish and on the gas stove. Fry the tenderloin until tender, sprinkle with cheese, anoint with mayonnaise. In the oven, hold for 2-3 minutes to form a crust.

Video recipe

Advanced recipe with tomatoes and mushrooms

The second option - an improved version of the first one, is distinguished by additional ingredients designed to improve the look, taste and aroma.

  • Cutting - 1 kg.
  • Champignons - 500 g.
  • Tomatoes - 3 pcs.
  • Hard cheese - 300 g
  • Sour cream, mayonnaise, spices, salt, garlic, pepper.
  1. The technology is no different from the classic version. Put pork, onion, fried champignons, tomatoes on a baking sheet. From above make a layer of grated cheese.
  2. In mayonnaise mixed with sour cream, add a few crushed garlic cloves and the resulting sauce, pour the tenderloin. Bake in the oven for an hour at 180 degrees.

I recommend serving French meat from pork to the table with mashed potatoes or rice. Decorate the dish with chopped dill.

Original Chicken Recipe

Chicken meat with vegetables

French chicken meat to French cuisine is irrelevant. Potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, pineapples and greens are used for cooking. Changing the sequence of laying the ingredients, the recipe can be manipulated.

I offer a classic chicken recipe (you can take a duck or a turkey). Contrary to simplicity, it helps to create a culinary miracle and enjoy the taste of chicken.

If there is a slow cooker, cook in this appliance. The dish will turn out gentle, but not rosy. Ingredients in the multicooker container alternate several times. No man will not remain indifferent to such a treat.

  • Chicken fillet - 400 g.
  • Onion - 1 pc.
  • Cheese - 100 g.
  • Mayonnaise, salt, pepper.
How to cook:
  1. Wash and dry the fillets with napkins. Make as many chops as you can. The thickness of each piece is 1 centimeter.Trimming also use.
  2. Put chicken in a frying form, sprinkle with salt and pepper. I do not recommend using seasonings, otherwise the taste will be lost. Top grease with mayonnaise.
  3. Sliced ​​half rings sweetish onions cover the chops. If this is not, pour boiling water over the bulbs to remove bitterness.
  4. It remains to sprinkle with grated cheese and send the form into the oven. After half an hour, remove and serve with vegetable salads, croutons, potatoes or buckwheat, garnished with greens. Roasting temperature - 180 degrees.
Video recipe

Beef French Meat

The first person to taste beef in French was Count Orlov during his stay in Paris. He was given a baked dish with mushrooms, potatoes, and cheese on the table. At the same time, the treats were notable for their quick preparation, elegant taste and aroma.

  • Beef - 800
  • Average potatoes - 10 pcs.
  • Onions - 6 pcs.
  • Champignons - 8 pcs.
  • Hard cheese - 500 g
  • Mayonnaise - 250 ml.
  • Vegetable oil, pepper, salt.
  1. Put washed beef on a chopping board. Using a sharp knife, remove the bones and veins. Then cut into pieces 1 cm thick.
  2. Wrap the pieces in the plastic wrap, beat off with a culinary hammer.
  3. If there is no inventory, do not get discouraged. You can do the job with the back of a knife. True, it will take more time and effort.
  4. Sprinkle each broken off piece with salt and pepper, put it in a bowl.
  5. Prepare the potatoes. Peel, rinse, dry with a paper towel, cut into small pieces. So it is fried, but not burned.
  6. Wash peeled onions, cut into rings, put into a separate plate.
  7. Take care of champignons. After washing, dry, cut each into four parts. If the mushrooms are large, cut more finely. The main thing is to get fried.
  8. Using a medium grater, chop the cheese and set aside.
  9. Put potatoes, beef, onion, mushrooms in a greased form. Smooth the layers well.
  10. Cover the contents of the form with mayonnaise, sprinkle with cheese. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes at 180 degrees. Check the readiness will help a toothpick. She should be easy to enter.
  11. After cooling, cut into chunks and put on a plate with a spatula.

If the dish is intended for a festive table, decorate with lettuce leaves and olives.It will turn out to be a wonderful composition, which even the homemade cold boiled pork will not match.

Video preparation

Helpful information

Many recipes have long become the classics of the home table. These are meatballs, salads or meat okroshka. Only the names remained unchanged. A prime example is the Olivier salad, from the classic recipe of which only eggs with pickled cucumbers remained. The French meat recipe has also changed.

The classic recipe involved the use of mushrooms and beef. Now, instead of beef fit other types of meat. Changes are due to the standard of living in Soviet times. Then the most affordable product was potatoes and mayonnaise. Any hostess who managed to get some meat, pleased with a chic delicacy family.

Soviet housewives preferred nourishing and nutritious food. Each had several secret recipes, the versatility of which allowed them to change ingredients, for example, French meat, which is often found on festive tables.

The dish is combined with vegetable salads. Traditionally, drinks with him are served vodka, brandy or wine.

An important element is the appetizing crust, which is formed during frying. For this purpose, used cheese or cheese. A similar effect is obtained with the help of breadcrumbs mixed with melted margarine.

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