How to cope with bags under the eyes?

Puffy, slightly sagging and dark bags under the eyes are not a pleasant sight, any woman, seeing such “beauty” on her face, is very upset because it is rather difficult to look good with such a side effect. You need to go to work, ahead of an important meeting or any other event, on which you need to look fresh and cheerful, and you are oppressed by these terrible puffiness?

Do not worry, there are many ways that will allow you to get rid of this problem, but before you choose the most effective method for yourself, beloved, you should still understand the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon, because nothing happens just like that.


On another beautiful morning, you look in the mirror and wonder how to remove bags under the eyes or whether it is realistic to do it at home? The fact is that the cause of bruises and bags under the eyes does not always become a banal lack of sleep or a stormy night the day before, sometimes serious diseases of internal organs or, for example, poor heredity can have their effect.

To understand how heredity can be associated with the emerging bags under the eyes, you need to delve a little into the anatomy of the structure of the eye. The bottom line is as follows: it is so inherent in nature that the eyeball is specially surrounded by fatty layer, in order to avoid accidental damage to it with the bone of the orbit.

Folk remedies are good

In case of an excess of moisture, the fatty layers begin to increase in volume, stretching the skin under the eyes, which, over time, loses the ability to quickly return to its former state.

Plus, the fatty layer has the ability to grow with age, someone has more, and someone less, it all depends on heredity: if it is, then bags and puffiness under the eyes begin to appear even from a young age. In addition to heredity and age-related changes of the skin layer under the eyes, there are other reasons for the appearance of hated "bags."

  • If such problems have arisen in the morning absolutely without any possible apparent reasons, then it may be time to slow down the enthusiasm for alcoholic beverages.
  • Chronic overwork, stress and lack of sleep leads not only to fatigue, but also to poor appearance, and dark and inflamed "bags" are their first symptom.
  • Fat layer can increase due to excess salt in the body, as it delays water in the body, forming swelling. So all lovers of saline is better to abandon this habit, try to add half as much salt to the dishes, and if you have enough willpower, then get rid of it.
  • Sometimes the cause of swollen face and edema under the eyes can be hormonal changes, for example, during a certain period of the menstrual cycle, fluid retention is formed, which provokes hateful bags. Needless to say, at such a period it is difficult to get rid of their appearance.
  • Do not forget that the cause of these phenomena can be serious diseases, such as allergic reactions, heart disease, blood vessels or kidney disease. If, in addition to bags, you experience some other side effects, then it is probably time to see a doctor. Not only that if you do not start treatment in time, you can accumulate a lot of problems for your health, get rid of edema in simple ways, too, will not work, because you need to fight only with the root cause.
  • Aging of the skin, improper care, or poor-quality cosmetics can also affect the formation of such a problem.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes?

Now that you know exactly why there are swelling and bags under your eyes in your case, you can look for the best way to get rid of them quickly and permanently. First of all, you need to reconsider your lifestyle, because, as it turned out, even the freshness and vigor of your appearance may depend on your sleeping posture.

Bruises under the eyes can complain to those who are used to sleeping, more on the back and side, so you need to accustom yourself to sleep on your back. Under the basic pillow it is better to put one more, it is possible small, after all, if the head is under a small inclination downwards, the liquid will not gather under the eyes.

Make time for yourself

Be sure to pay attention to your water regime: the less water we use, the organism, fearing its lack, accumulates it more and more in its fatty tissues, causing hated puffiness. In day it is necessary to use 2-2.5 liters of pure water, the main thing is not to get drunk with it before going to bed.

Also, do not forget to wash off makeup before bedtime, as the chemicals contained in cosmetics can irritate the skin around the eyes. In order for it to retain its elasticity and resilience as long as possible, it requires careful and gentle care.Nobody has canceled special creams, lotions and lotions for the skin around the eyes, which are produced specifically to deal with such problems.

Creams can help

If you live in a sunny and hot region, then do not forget to constantly use sunscreen that will protect the area around the eyes from harmful sun exposure.

Do not forget about systematic cosmetic procedures, for this it is not necessary to constantly visit spas, but rather take advantage of effective and simple folk remedies that have saved more than one generation of beautiful ladies from hateful bruises.

Be sure to get involved in sports, because physical activities contribute to the acceleration of metabolic processes, and, therefore, help to cope with excessive edema. It is impossible not to say about proper nutrition: more fruits and vegetables, a limited number of salty and spicy dishes.

Several real folk methods

  • The most famous way to quickly and effectively get rid of bags under the eyes is cold compresses. To do this, cold cucumber ringlets, chilled brewed teabags of black or green tea are applied to the area around the eyes, the main thing is that they do not contain dyes and flavors.Instead of bags, you can use ice cubes (brewed and cooled herbs, for example, chamomile or mint), wrapped in gauze.
  • Birch lotions. Fresh birch leaves (6-7 pieces) pour a glass of mineral water, leave overnight, and in the morning apply them to the area around the eyes.
  • Cucumber mask. We rub a fresh cucumber into a slurry, apply it to the problem area, cover it with a cotton pad, which we pre-moisten in milk. Leave the mask for 10-15 minutes, wash off with warm water.
  • Attach pieces of pumpkin wrapped in cheesecloth to the area around the eyes, hold them for 15 minutes and then wash their face with the brewed chilled green tea.
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