How to create a help desk

You will need
  • - room;
  • -phone line;
  • - paid phone number
  • -phone and headset;
  • -base phone numbers;
  • -computer with Internet access.
In order to open the inquiry service, you will need a telephone line, directly the telephone set and a headset to it. Register a short phone number, but if this is not possible, you can also leave the city number.
Remove the office or make your own apartment your workplace. If you need to keep a city number, get a second line and register a short number with it. Registration of a paid short number is carried out through the city telephone service. This can be problematic. After all, a private referral service can become a serious competitor for a paid city telephone help line.
Create your own base of phone numbers. Organize a telephone base so that you are easily guided in it.For convenience, break it down into branches: medicine, self-government, education, entertainment centers, etc. To compile such a database, use the directory of phone numbers, you can also search for ready-made phone bases in the world wide web.
Start your work with an advertising campaign, to do this, give ads in the local press and local television. Do not forget to post the flyers on city bulletin boards in each district. If you have a city Internet portal, leave the information about opening a help desk there. The text should be short and memorable. On television and radio, order short, but most informative videos that will make your phone easy to remember. Remember, advertising should be easy to remember and unobtrusive.
Monitor daily incoming calls. And calculate the degree of congestion of the line, it will further give you the opportunity to understand whether you need employees and extension lines.
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Potential customers should easily remember your phone number, so it should be as short and easy to remember as possible.
Helpful advice
Submit an ad to the press so that in the block your phone number is indicated in half a lane and the inscription “New inquiry!” Is shown in the largest possible font below, such ad will be interested and read, just below the small print list of your services.

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