How to create a table?

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How to create a table?

When working with documents, the need to insert a table in the text or create a spreadsheet for the calculations occurs very often. Despite this, the question “How to create a table?” Remains relevant for many users. The Microsoft Office program allows you to create tables in several of its applications.

How to create a table in MS Word

In a text file, the tables give information visibility, allow you to sort the data by the required parameter. In the table, you can set the required number of rows and columns, perform actions with its cells (delete, merge, adjust the size), insert text, pictures, charts into cells.

Before you create a table, decide on the required number of rows and columns. Then follow the simple steps below:

  • set the cursor to the desired place;
  • consecutively click Table - Insert - Table;
  • in the Insert Table window, specify the required number of rows and columns;
  • In the lower part of the window, you can adjust the width of the columns, the default is a fixed width;
  • Click OK and the table will be inserted into the document.

In a text editor, you can also make drawn tables. How to draw in Word tables? After clicking the buttons Table - Draw a table, the cursor will take the form of a pencil, and it remains only to draw a table of the desired size and break it into rows and columns. This option is useful for creating a complex table.

How to create a table in MS Excel

MS Excel is designed to create tables directly and perform mathematical calculations in them. The workspace of the sheet is a table with an unlimited number of cells.

The first line usually makes a table header. This is the main stage of creating the table, as due to the incorrect creation of the headings, it is necessary to redo the table entirely. If the item names do not fit in the cells, their width can be increased by dragging the line separating the columns. The row height can be adjusted in the same way. To make the cap stand out from the table, you can change the font or mark the cap with a different color.

After drawing up the caps, you can begin to fill in the table. Note that the table cells on the print will not have dividing borders.To designate them, you need to select a table, from the context menu of the right mouse button, select the "Format cells" item. In the window that opens, on the "Border" tab, you can designate external, internal borders, indicate the thickness and type of dividing lines.

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