How to create a virtual world

Create a three-dimensional skeleton of your room with the help of VHSB tools. To do this, go to the “Builder” panel and select the “Box” icon. Place the cursor on the pad intended for your virtualpeaceand click on the left mouse button to fix the frame. Using the Scissors tool to create room space, cut the area inside the frame, then click on the left mouse button. Set boundaries for the floor and ceiling, then install the windows. Mark them in general at home.
To color the textures created in the previous step, use the Select Picture Directory control panel. Select Spray Can, and then determine the paint for your room. Paint the surface for which it is intended by dragging paint on it. You can also use graphic files as textures - both for walls and for floors and ceilings. In this case, click on the “Wallpaper” tool, and then select the picture you need. Use the Gradient tool to edit the image. After that, click on "OK" and on the Door icon.Click on the D icon to go to the Wallpaper Detail menu. Activate the Tile button, turn on the Slide Direction option. Set the size of the images used as textures using Tile Width, Tile Height, and Offset. Click on OK.
To connect objects to the Web, hook the cursor to the Camera Lens icon and drag it to the item that you want to link to the Web. After that select the Select Object tool. Click on the Attachment Editor icon and in the dialog box on the Function field. Select Link to URL, then enter the full address of the site. Click on OK.
You can also add sounds to objects. To do this, select the item with which you want to associate a certain sound, and click on the Select Object button, and then on the Attachment Editor.

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