How to crochet a napkin?

Crochet today is very fashionable. This very activity is very easy and does not require large investments. Knowledge and practical training in crochet can help master the necessary terms. And you can knit openwork and embossed things. But let's start learning with a simpler technique and see how to crochet a napkin.

Crochet doily

Napkins are so diverse that each needlewoman finds her own niche in the knitting technique. Indeed, thanks to this, original napkins, tablecloths, and pillows adorn every home. And someone uses the technique of knitting in a circle, creating other masterpieces: scarves, sweaters, skirts, hats and other products. Yes, napkins inspire different ideas. Therefore, we will tell you how to crochet a napkin.

Tips for beginners

Before you crochet a napkin, for starters we will briefly talk about tools and materials. The main thing is to learn how to properly hold the hook. It is very simple. Use your thumb and forefinger to grab the hook on the cheeks like a pencil and place it on the middle finger.The position of the hook should not inconvenience you. When knitting it is important to feel lightness and comfort so that the hand does not get tired.

Choose simple threads: lily, iris and other non-synthetic threads. Choose the hook number for the thread thickness. So, dial a small chain of 8 air loops. Connect the first and last loops with a semi-column. And start knitting in rows.

Schemes knitting napkins

The first row of knit in all napkins equally. First, knit three air loops for lifting. Next, we tie a ring of air loops with single crochet columns to make 16 columns. In the second row we knit 3 loops for lifting and 2 air loops for the pattern. Further: two double crochets of 1 column, 1 double crochet, a chain of 2 air loops. This is how crocheted napkins are made. Although the schemes are different, the basis is almost the same.

We provide for you the scheme and its decoding. Having understood the symbols well, you can get a new thing in a few days to decorate your interior. After all, it is a small napkin that knits easily and quickly.

Video tutorial

To knit a napkin with a simple pattern, it may be enough to just have a pattern. But, if in your version the rows are not repeated and different types of loops are used, it is better to resort to a video lesson. Video, how to crochet a napkin, will help to quickly understand knitting patterns and more actively master the loops.

And, thanks to the video, you can learn the technique of Irish lace, sirloin knitting. And also, knit napkins are not only round, but also square, triangular, hexagonal and other shapes.

And, if you learn to combine different principles of knitting, then you will be able to not only napkins, but also larger, serious things. Hone knitting technique, using different thickness of thread, changing the number of the hook.

Do not be afraid of these names: lush columns, picot.

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