How to cure stuttering

You will need
  • - Anise fruits;
  • - leaves of motherwort;
  • - St. John's wort;
  • - Melissa;
  • - Oregano;
  • - Chamomile flowers;
  • - kefir;
  • - aroma oil.
Perform breathing exercises, so-called. gymnastics by the method of Strelnikova. From a standing position, lean forward. Keep your head and arms down and relax your muscles. Take a deep breath. Then lift yourself, but do not fully straighten up, breathe out. Again, bend down and inhale, etc. In one cycle there should be 8 breaths. And all you need to do 12 approaches. Rest 5 seconds between each set. Just remember that the load must be increased gradually. Although the exercise seems simple, it is completely difficult to do it right away.
Stand up straight, put your hands on your hips, turn your head to the left, taking a quick breath. Return to the starting position - exhale. Then turn your head to the right - inhale, etc. Try not to stop during breaths and exhalations. For the first time, take 8 breaths. Then you can increase their number.Ideally, you should have an exercise of 3 sets of 32 breaths each.
Both of these exercises do 15-20 minutes before breakfast and after dinner. The first results will be in two months.
Among nontraditional methods of stuttering treatment, point massage is very popular. You can learn how to do it with detailed descriptions on the Internet, but if there is such an opportunity, it is better to find a specialist who owns this technique and can teach you.
Stuttering can be cured by taking anticonvulsants and certain tranquilizers. Unfortunately, this method has many side effects and contraindications. If necessary, you can use decoctions and tinctures of herbs that are considered soothing.
Here is one of these recipes. Take in equal parts the fruits of anise, leaves of motherwort, St. John's wort, lemon balm, oregano and chamomile flowers. Collect pour boiling water and leave for three hours. Then strain and drink before each meal.
StutteringYou can try to cure with aromatic oils. It is also based on the soothing effect of rosemary, bergamot, pine, sandalwood, basil, etc.Apply a few drops of oil on a handkerchief and attach to the nose. This procedure should be carried out 3 or 4 times a day.
Contribute to get rid of stuttering therapeutic baths. Pour into the bathroom water temperature of 37-40 degrees. In a glass of kefir dilute a few drops of lavender oil, sage, thyme, wormwood or geranium and pour the mixture into water. This bath is preferably taken daily for 20 minutes over a period of two weeks.
To treat stuttering try using a special computer program. For example, one of them - Speech corrector - is based on the synchronization of the speech and auditory centers. The person speaks the text into the microphone and hears his voice through the headphones with a delay, trying to adjust to it. At the same time, his speech becomes smoother.
The “Demosthenes” program includes situations modeled on different emotions: opposition, displeasure, criticism, anger, joy, etc. A person must speak the answer into a microphone. The program assesses how he did it, suggests what needs to be changed, and offers to try to answer again.
Speech therapists have good methods for getting rid of stuttering.

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