How to decorate the room for the New Year?

The last few weeks before the New Year have been characterized by a large number of pre-holiday troubles. The new year means a lot to many people, for many it is the favorite holiday. He wants to meet in a pleasant atmosphere. If you want to know how to decorate the room for the New Year, to convey the atmosphere of this wonderful holiday, this article will help you a lot. You will need fantasy, free time and available materials. And also bright attributes: bright garlands, fir-tree, multi-colored tinsel.

In the house set one tree. It is placed in the room where the New Year celebration will take place. Decorate the other rooms with spruce and pine sprigs. Use decorative snowflakes, icicles, figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, artificial snow. To imitate frost, you can put the branches of a coniferous tree in a strong saline solution and let them dry. The smell of pine needles and citruses improves mood and creates a festive atmosphere. But after all the fir-tree established by you can be artificial.Here essential oils will help: fir, tangerine, orange, cedar. Consider how to decorate a room for the New Year, and what is needed for this:

  • Christmas tree: real or artificial
  • Branches of spruce or pine
  • Ordinary table salt
  • Various Christmas toys
  • Garlands, they can be in the form of simple light bulbs or be a luminous fruit and flowers.
  • Rain and tinsel
  • Artificial snow cans
  • Brush, cardboard, scissors, glue.

We decorate the home

  • Install the Christmas tree. If you bought live, we will surely chop off its lower branches. First we will decorate it with large toys, and then with small ones. We will tie several wide bows of wide silk ribbons on the branches. Now you can wrap her garland and decorate with rain.
  • Under the tree we put Santa Claus and Snow Maiden toys. On New Year's Eve, near them you will need to quietly place beautifully packaged gifts.
  • We will make a strong brine - we will dissolve 2 kilograms of salt in 3 liters of water. Boil until the salt dissolves. We drop branches into it for several hours. After this - dry. Thus, the impression is that the fir branches in the snow.Put them in a vase and decorate the room.
  • From the wire create a frame of a bell or another toy. We wrap tinsel. Attach a few toys. Decorate with snow from a special can. Decorate a window or wall with a toy.
  • Fasten several fir branches with wire, hang Christmas balls on the branches, decorate with rain and artificial snow from a can. Set the Christmas bouquet in a vase or hang it on the wall.
  • From dense cardboard cut the stars. Grease the surface with glue and sprinkle with glitter or crushed shards of broken toys. Let's wait for the glue to dry. We deal with the second surface in the same way. These jewelry will look favorably on the window.
  • Decorate the whole room with colorful garlands. The light they give will create a festive mood. Garlands decorate the eaves or walls. They can still be decorated with lighting: chandeliers, sconces.
  • Beautiful toys can be decomposed into large dishes. Put an orange among them. To create a scent, stick it with a carnation.

Now you know everything about how to decorate a room for the New Year, to create a festive atmosphere, to surprise loved ones.This will allow you to show imagination and attract children. So, the spirit of the holiday will be in the house before the start of the celebration. We wish you good luck and happy New Year!

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