How to define your character?

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How to define your character?

The desire for self-knowledge has always led to the accomplishment of personal, albeit small, feats, to the development and change of the world. All these achievements often have a rather simple beginning - the study of one’s own character, in order to use for the good that which a person was awarded at birth. There are a lot of ways to research your character, starting with serious psychological tests and ending with fantastic ones: the study of your favorite dishes, the location of moles, and the posture in a dream.

Psychological tests

If an ordinary person decides to determine his character, then the first thing he does is search the Internet for various tests. By answering questions and counting points, you canCharacterunderstand what type of researcher. Introvert or extrovert, sanguine or choleric, melancholic or phlegmatic - these types are known to many more from school, and tests for their definition are quite simple and understandable.

There are a number of questionnaires that help employers determine the nature of the future employee.Such tests are often quite specific and complex in terms of deciphering the responses received. But, for example, the Belbin test or the Leonhard-Shmishek test can be used to study one’s character without having special knowledge in the field of psychology.

A separate question is whether it is possible to call the conclusions of psychological tests accurate, and if not, how large are the deviations. In order to achieve the most accurate test results, it is necessary to choose a time when a person is relatively calm and even in life. Read more about character determination here.

Another accurate way to understand what kind of person is in front of you and what actions he may be able to do is to study handwriting. Read about it here.

Applied psychology or "Count your moles"!

Many people are beginning to look for ways to determine their character, not because of urgent need, but simply out of interest. For these purposes, a variety of application methods are used. Researchers of human blood say that the first group of blood indicates the presence of leadership qualities, volitional beginnings, endless enthusiasm.People with the second blood group are predominantly calm, tidy, they love order and certainty. The third group of blood speaks of the creative beginning of man; non-standard thinking and creative approach to solving various issues - this is its distinguishing feature. People with the fourth blood group are excellent organizers and diplomats, they combine the richest imagination andCharacter behind molesrationality in deeds.

How to determine your character even easier - tell moles on different parts of the body. The birthmark on the cheek speaks of heightened sexuality, above the upper lip - of leadership qualities and domineering nature. The birthmark on the forehead is the identification mark of the seer, and if the “mark” is on the nose, then the person has a great intuition.

It is believed that the character is manifested through the position of a person during sleep. The position of the embryo in a dream speaks of shyness and dependence on others, but if a person sleeps on his side, straightening up, he is open and sociable. Stretched body position on the back speaks of self-confidence, categorical.

The character is determined by the sum of the numbers of the date of birth of a person, by initials, by name, even by the manner of laughing and by taste preferences.

When a scientific or applied approach to the study of character must be remembered: any gradation in this world is relative. There are no pure choleric or extroverted people, and not everyone who throws their heads back when they laugh, is prone to deception. Study yourself, develop, do not take the tests too seriously and remember: individuality is the best attribute of each character!

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