How to develop a database

You will need
  • - a computer;
  • �- the Internet;
  • �- Access program.
Identify the main objects of the future database. So, if you want to put in order records about teammates (names, phone numbers, birthdays, addresses and hobbies), then the main objects of this database will be, respectively, the students, and the above data will be fields of related tables.
Create a list of field objects, that is, list in detail all possible types of information that you may ever need. Consider data types as well as fill patterns. That is, you will store the phone numbers of groupmates in a numeric data format with a hyphen entry pattern. Come up with a list of the main database tables. Usually they include the fields of the main objects of the base. For example, you can have a table with addresses and phone numbers, as well as a table of the overall progress of each student.
Set the relationships between the tables. Usually they are based on the main elements of the database, that is, in this case, on group mates.Set the identification key in the "Number in order" field to facilitate further use of the database. It can be grouped by various parameters, as well as depending on what information is located in the database.
Now that the framework has been created for storing information, it remains to select a program and enter data. If your database is no more than 10-15 pages, then use Access. It is by default the standard software in the operating system. If you do not have this program on a personal computer, you can find it on the official website of the manufacturer. It is also worth noting that most users develop various databases in this program.

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