How to develop visual memory

So, develop the visualmemorycan, using the following methods and techniques. Lay out on the table a few small, but different in properties and purposes of objects. Ask someone to swap a few of them, so that you yourself could not observe the process of change. Look at the updated table and tell me which items have been swapped. Complicate the task: add or remove objects, turn them in different directions or do not change anything at all.
Take 7-10 simple pictures: crossed sticks, circles, letters and numbers. Ask someone to show you each picture in turn, for 1 second, so it will take 10 seconds to display 10 pictures. Next, on a blank sheet of paper, display all the shapes in the exact sequence in which they were shown. Complicate the task, turning the usual shapes, such as letters, in an unusual way.
Use the method of "Schulte Table".It will help not only to develop the visualmemory, but also to improve intuition, peripheral vision, logical thinking. Take a simple version of the Schulte table, which consists of a plate with 25 digits placed in it in a certain logical order.
Within 2 minutes, try to find and remember the logical chain of the location of all numbers. After the time expires, remove the digits and on the form with an empty table of 25 cells, reproduce all the digits in the original dependence. For the first time, a good result will be 8-12 digits, the ideal result is all 25 digits with a memorization time of less than a minute.

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