How to diet with stomach pain

You will need
  • pasta, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, lean meat of rabbit, nutria, beef or fish, beets, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, non-acidic fruits and berries.
Stomach pain can be associated with gastritis, colitis, ulcers, and other diseases. It is important to consult a doctor in time and not drown out the discomfort with painkillers, as they will return anyway. In the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, diet is important, as in some cases proper nutrition can solve the problem even without special therapy. How to diet with pain in the stomach?
First, you need to divide your daily diet into 5-6 meals. So you can prevent the accumulation of a large amount of gastric juice that can irritate the already inflamed mucous membrane of the digestive system. Secondly, try to sit at the table at the same time and chew your food as carefully as possible.In the period of exacerbations of gastrointestinal diseases, especially in the autumn-spring period, it is necessary to completely exclude from your diet alcohol, spicy, salty, fatty and smoked dishes, as well as all sorts of spices and seasonings.
Soft and fresh bakery products, as well as pastries, mushroom broths and fatty broths based on pork, lamb, chicken and fish are contraindicated to you. Under the ban are too sour berries and fruits, ice cream and chocolate, vegetables rich in fiber and creating difficulties for digestion - sorrel, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, radishes and radish. Canned food and marinades are not the place on your table, as well as hard-boiled eggs, sauces, coffee and carbonated drinks.
Ideally, you should eat only freshly prepared food, an expired product during an exacerbation and pain can be detrimental to your stomach. Do not put in a plate just cooked dish - wait until it cools. Food should be gentle, not only in consistency, but also in temperature.
Products that you can use for cooking include pasta, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, lean meat, fish, and poultry.You are shown milk soups and cereals, vegetable broths and mashed soups. Steam or bake beets, broccoli and cauliflower, carrots and potatoes. Fruits can also be baked, for example, to cook baked non-acidic apples with honey. Well envelop the stomach walls and reduce the pain kissels, jellies, etc. From sweets you can afford marmalade, marshmallows, stale, dry buns and biscuits, baked cakes in the oven.
Cook your own food only from natural products, abandoning convenience foods and fast food. All that is prepared using GMOs, dyes, preservatives and other chemicals is contraindicated to you. Try to buy vegetables and fruits grown in your region, and not brought from abroad. Cook sausages and pies themselves, cook compotes, jams and preserves. Prefer dietary rabbit meat and nutria. Remember, food can be both medicine for your stomach, and poison. The main thing is to know how to choose it and cook it properly.

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