How to distinguish a fake ruble

Consider the field on the front side of the bill, made with thin parallel lines: the field will be monochromatic at right angles, and if viewed from an acute angle, rainbow (multicolor) stripes appear on all denominations.
Place the banknote in front of the light source, you should see micro-perforations on it, forming the digital value of the banknote. Spend a small pad of finger in the place of localization of the holes, the paper should be smooth to the touch. This distinctive feature concerns notes in denominations of 100, 500 and 1000 rubles. Continue consideration and find multi-tone watermarks on coupon fields.
How to distinguish a fake <strong> ruble </ strong>
Please note that all denominations must have a rolling metallic thread that is embedded in the paper of banknotes. It is visible on the back of the bill in the form of a brilliant dotted line.
Remember that in the upper right corner of the front of the bill, the text “Ticket of the Bank of Russia” has a relief structure, and the relief has a special label for visually impaired people in the lower part of the narrow coupon field.When viewed on the ornamental ribbon of currency, horizontally at an acute angle, the letters “РР” should be displayed.
Look at the back of the notes under the magnifying glass microtext, which consists of the letters "CBR 1000" and "CBR 500" in denominations of 500 rubles.
Remember and additional signs.

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