How to download the game to the phone Sony

You will need
  • - a computer with Internet access and a Bluetooth adapter;
  • - USB cable for connecting a computer and phone.
Download and install the program MyPhoneExplorer on your computer. Connect your phone and computer using a USB cable. Run the downloaded program. When you first connect the computer will require a driver to connect the phone. These drivers are on the disk complete with the device. If the disc is lost, drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.
In the program window that opens, find the item "File -> Settings", see if the required port is activated. If all ports are not active, then run the command "Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Modems -> Your Phone" to select the working port. This task can also be solved with the help of the "Search for device" command.
Click "File -> Connect" to complete the connection of the phone to the computer. Next, click on the "Files" tab, find the item "Phone memory -> Others".At the top of the program window, click on the green arrow and selectthe gamefor installation on the phone. Wait for the file to be copied, then in the menu select “Menu -> File Manager -> Other” and installthe game.
Connect your computer and phone via a Bluetooth adapter. Update the list of services, find your Sony phone and send the game file from your computer. After executing the necessary commands, the file will start loading. Plus and at the same time a minus of this method is that immediately after loading the game starts to install. To exclude the direct initialization of the application, you can use the Bluetooth File Transfer program. In the program explorer find the one you need.the gameon your computer and copy it to your phone. To installthe gamepossible at any time.
If you don’t have the right software at hand, downloadthe gamestraight to the memory card. To do this, you need to connect your phone and computer with a USB cable and in the computer's explorer, find and open a memory card that looks like a removable disk. Next, find in the same explorerthe gameand copy it to a memory card to install later.

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