How to draw a fairy tale?

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How to draw a fairy tale?

The process of drawing a fairy tale or an illustration to it is not an easy task. After all, in the picture, most often, you need to portray several characters at once, set the appropriate background and draw the surrounding objects. The picture itself should be bright and colorful to convey the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

How to draw a fairy tale: some tips

To draw a favorite fairy tale, you can simply portray all of her characters on any background. For example, if you are talking about the fairy tale “Kolobok”, you can draw a Kolobok, a wolf, a hare, a bear and a fox against the background of a forest clearing. Anyone who looks at this illustration, it will immediately become clear what kind of fairy tale in question. But you can also draw a separate fragment of the plot: the bun jumps from the window of Baba and Ded and runs along the path; the bun sits on the nose of a fox and sings a song, etc.

According to the above principle, you can draw a fairy tale "Gingerbread Man", and any other - you just have to show imagination. In addition, if you want to make an illustration of the fairy tale "The Adventures of Pinocchio", we recommend that you read our article How to draw Pinocchio.

Stages drawing illustrations for a fairy tale

Suppose you need to draw a fairy tale "Golden Fish". To do this, one of the best moments in a fairy tale is the one in which the old man caught the Golden Fish and holds it in his hands. In order to familiarize yourself with the picture at once it becomes clear that this is an illustration for the intended fairy tale, it is necessary to draw the sea as a background.

So, step by step drawing in pencil illustration is:

  • first, we depict the horizon line, where the sea "converges" with the sky;Fairy tale
  • we mark with ovals the head and body of the old man, as well as the circle, which later will "turn" into a fish;
  • draw the fish - head, tail and fins, as well as a small crown on the head;
  • We finish the hands of the grandfather and “plant” him in the boat (its outlines also need to be drawn);
  • draw the features of the old man, draw him bald and with a long beard;
  • then you need to finish the old man's clothes (the best is “flabby”, patched, because the old man in the fairy tale was poor);
  • The fish is recommended to draw the human features of the "face" - long eyelashes, plump "lips";
  • after the main characters of the fairy tale are drawn, it remains to create an “entourage” around them - to draw a board boat, a background and to paint an illustration.

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