How to draw a line?

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How to draw a line?

Lines are one of the basic drawing elements. These are the walls of the house, the edges and the horizon line. The first lessons of classical drawing or graphic design are devoted to the technique of creating this element.

Drawings in Avtokad

Drawing a straight line in this program is not difficult if you follow our recommendations:

  1. In the top menu, select the “Drawing” tab, find the “Segment” function and select it.
  2. The left mouse button marks the beginning of the segment. Pull the mouse in the direction of the end of the segment. The boundaries of the line will be dotted. Left click to mark the end of the line.
  3. To end drawing, press the ESC or ENTER key.

Draw lines in Photoshop

In this graphic editor, you can draw a flat or wavy line.

Straight line

  1. In order to draw a straight line in the left pane, select the icon with a straight line "Line" ("Line Tool"). Or call the tool with the U key.
  2. Left mouse button click in the place of the beginning of the segment. By pressing the button, drag a segment of the desired length with the mouse movement, release it.You managed to draw a straight line.

Wavy line

If you want to draw a wavy line, do the following:

  1. With the Pen tool (the “Pen Tool”, hot key P) we draw a straight line just as we did with the “Line”.
  2. Hover the cursor over the line until the “+” sign appears.
  3. We draw a line, it will get a wavy look. You will have an additional straight line, with which you can adjust the curve by changing the slope and length.
  4. Press ENTER.

For more information about drawing lines, see How to draw in Photoshop.

Lines in Word

The text editor also allows you to draw lines.

  1. In the Insert menu, select the Shapes section.Line
  2. If you want to draw a straight line, click on the icon with a straight line, if wavy - accordingly, with a wavy one.
  3. Use the left mouse button to select the place where the line starts and, while clamping it, drag the mouse to the required size of the segment. Release the button. If you draw a wavy line, you need to make at least two marks, completing the work with the tool by double-clicking. If it is necessary to draw a dotted line, then double click on the figure and in the top menu “Shape outlines” select the Strokes tab and the necessary outline.

Draw a pencil

Artists need to be able to draw straight lines without resorting to the ruler:

  1. To begin with, we train to draw lines through the air with a hand. Remember this movement. It should be fast and sure.
  2. Fix a sheet of paper vertically, as on an easel. We take a pencil at the very tip of the thumb and forefinger. In this case, the thumb should lie on the index finger. And we repeat the same movement as in the air. Having trained a little, you will achieve success.

This way you can draw different kinds of lines.

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