How to dry flowers?

Summer is a wonderful time when the sun gives its warmth, and seductive aromas of flowers soar in the air. And often you want to enjoy these smells as long as possible. Unfortunately, fresh flowers quickly wither, but dried inflorescences will help you to remember the warm days.

Following the advice of experienced gardeners, you can easily keep the splendor of your gardens in the house at any time of the year.

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Before you choose one of the methods of drying, you should remember some of the rules for the selection of plants:

  1. Choose them on a dry day, when the soil is not too wet, it will protect you from spoiled plants.
  2. Carefully inspect the flowers, it is important that they are not damaged.
  3. It is advisable not to use those that have spent several days in direct sunlight, in the process of drying, they may lose their color.

There are several ways to dry:

  • on open air;
  • in bulk materials;
  • in glycerin solution;
  • under the press.

Now let's talk about each of them in more detail.

To create a dry bouquet from plants it is possible, having hung up to dry them in a well-ventilated premise and the temperature is not higher than 10-13 degrees. To do this, they need to be tied in small bundles of several pieces, evenly cut the stems and leave on average for 2 weeks.

Many herbs can be saved quickly and without problems in this way, but they need to be collected just before flowering. And in the case of flowers, such as, for example, roses, poppies, lilacs, you need to wait for the full opening of the buds. The thorns, if any, and the lower leaves are removed from them, they bind the stems so that the flowers do not touch and hang their inflorescences to the bottom.

Of granular substances suitable for sand, borax, silica gel. Thus, it is easy to keep fastidious and especially delicate flowers from a bouquet. Another advantage of this method is that the petals retain their appearance and get a brighter color.

You can buy a suitable sand or any other means in the building store.

A layer of loose material is poured onto the bottom of the box, the plants are laid and neatly covered with one more layer. You can see the result of your work in 2-4 weeks.

Using more modern desiccants, such as silica gel, you need to lay flowers on the cut of the stem to the substance layer, and carefully pour the petals on top so that the silica gel gets inside each bud. Then close the box with a tight lid and leave in a dry place for 5 days.

So you can dry dahlias, chrysanthemums and peonies.

To create a beautiful composition of dried flowers, you can use glycerin. The most effective way to "preserve" the stems and leaves. To do this, mix glycerin with hot water in a ratio of 2: 1. The height of the liquid should be about 10 cm. It is dipped in flowers and stems and left for 2 weeks.

In the process of drying, the evaporated amount of liquid is filled with hot water.

Drying under the press - a method known to many from childhood. It allows you to keep the color, but makes the flowers flat. Plants need to be wrapped in paper, put between sheets of plywood, and put a press on top. It is better to choose plants with flat buds, like chamomile, they do not break under the load.

From the original, graceful dried flowers, you can create a beautiful bouquet that will not just be a decoration, but will fill the house for a long time with pleasant summer aromas.

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