How to dry hair if there is no hair dryer?

If a hair dryer was not at hand after washing your hair, and you need to dry your hair as soon as possible, then some are ready to take desperate measures. Find out several ways to dry without the usual appliance.

Gentle ways

If you care about your hair and are not ready to take extreme measures, then use gentle methods of drying hair without a hair dryer:

  1. Towel. If you pick up the absorbent and apply it correctly, you can significantly speed up the drying of the hair. A waffle towel or microfiber will do: these materials quickly absorb moisture, removing it from the hair. First you can wrap your head and leave it in this state for ten minutes. Then thoroughly blot the hair, starting from the roots and moving to the tips. It is better to divide them into small strands, so they will dry faster. If one towel becomes very wet, replace it with a dry one.
  2. You can use paper towels instead of the usual ones: it absorbs much faster and absorbs more moisture.You can also use toilet paper or paper towels.
  3. You can dry the curls in a natural way, coming to fresh air, for example, in the courtyard of the house or suburban area, on the balcony. But this method can be used only in the warm season, as in the cold, instead of dried hair, you can get a cold. In addition, you should not be in direct sunlight, since they adversely affect the structure of the curls and provoke their drying.
  4. To ensure full ventilation, air flow and more rapid evaporation of moisture, actively rotate your head in different directions, shake and wring the strands with your hands, toss them. And in order to get a hairstyle with volume, tilt your head and perform all the manipulations in this position.
  5. Comb the hair of the so-called “skeletal” perforated comb. Through the holes will easily penetrate the air, which will provide more intensive ventilation and speed up the drying process.

Extreme ways

How to quickly dry your hair if there is no hairdryer and you need to go somewhere urgently? Try using one of the extreme methods:

  1. A vacuum cleaner.If it has a function of blowing air, it will come in handy. If there is no such option, then you can keep your head at the back of the device, from which the air flow comes out. But before such an unusual application, the vacuum cleaner must be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise you will get not dried hair, but dusty and dirty.
  2. Fan. Turn it on and stand opposite, but so that the hair does not accidentally fall between the blades and not entangled in them. Stand while shaking the hair and turning your head to speed drying.
  3. The most extreme and dangerous way is drying at the stove. Previously, women deprived of a hairdryer, leaned over the included burners and dried their hair in such a way, risking to burn them and make a fire. This method is not recommended, but still if there are no other options, it is allowed to turn on the oven, open its door and sit opposite to a safe distance.

Attention: such extreme methods should be applied extremely carefully, remembering the possible risks.


Finally, several recommendations that will speed up drying without a hair dryer and help preserve the health of your hair:

  • Use specialized tools.For example, the conditioner will not only facilitate combing, but will also speed up the drying process of the hair, as well as make them docile and soft.
  • To comb wet hair should be very carefully, as in this form they are most vulnerable and can be subjected to stretching and deformation.
  • It is not necessary to strongly twist the hair, squeezing them. It is better to squeeze them gently, moving along the entire length.
  • Before use, the towel can be heated by putting it on a heater, a battery or in a place well lit by the sun.
  • If the tips are already dry and the roots are wet, then you can disguise them by making a high tail.
  • On sale you can find comb with microfiber, which perform the functions of combing and wiping curls.

If there was no hair dryer on hand, this is not a reason to leave the hair wet. Try to dry them one of the suggested ways.

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