How to dye dark hair?

Women who prefer dark hair color, as a rule, have a stronger and more purposeful character than blonde. But sometimes you want to drastically change the image or just add a zest to your image. Along with a change in style of clothing and makeup, the effect of novelty can be achieved by dyeing hair. Before dyeing dark hair, you need to take into account certain rules and recommendations.

What color to dye dark hair

When choosing a new hair color, it is necessary to take into account the skin tone:

  • women with pale skin will use any hair shades, except cardinally black, which will further emphasize its whiteness;
  • owners of pink skin should look at the ashen shades and refrain from red and gold;
  • women with dark skin will suit any bright colors;
  • if the skin is yellowish or sandy, you should beware of golden shades of hair.

Depending on the desired result, there are several ways to dye dark hair:

  1. Gradual clarification.Brunettes are very hard to lighten dark hair without harming them. The most benign option in this case will be a gradual staining. That is, hair every 3-4 weeks gradually stained in a lighter tone. This method will allow to dye dark hair in light without yellowness and harm to hair follicles.
  2. Highlighting. This method of hair coloring is suitable for those who are not ready for radical changes. The method consists in applying paint on individual curls. At the same time the number and saturation of shades is selected individually.
  3. Balayazh. This is another highlight technology that emphasizes the silhouette of a haircut and gives a trendy accent to the hairstyle. Balayazh implies a smooth transition from dark roots to a lighter bottom. This technique can be called gentle, since only the lower part of the hair is exposed to lightening.
  4. Ombre. Due to the large number of staining options, the ombre method will help create a unique unique method. The classic version is a two-tone color with a clear or blurred horizontal border. In this case, both soft and contrasting shades are allowed.The multitonal option is the use of intermediate shades for a natural color transition.

How to dye dark hair with natural products

Ammonia, which is part of most coloring agents, disrupts the structure of the hair, making it brittle and lifeless. It is safer to use natural products that will not only give your hair a natural shade, but also provide careful care for them.

For example, dark brown hair will acquire natural chestnut color with green walnut peel. To do this, fresh peel must be crushed and brought to a consistency gruel, adding water. The thicker the mixture, the richer the color will be. The mixture is applied to the hair, after 15-20 minutes it is washed off with water without shampoo.

With the help of natural dyes henna and basma can get different shades. Chestnut color is obtained by mixing dyes in equal proportions. To achieve a darker color, the ratio of henna and basma should be 1: 2.

Lighten dark hair can be using infusion of chamomile. 100 grams of inflorescences pour 300 ml of boiling water and leave for about an hour. Add 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide (30%) to the filtered infusion.Moisten the hair with the obtained agent and leave it for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with water and soap.

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