How easy is it to learn the multiplication table?

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How easy is it to learn the multiplication table?

Both adults and children find it rather difficult to remember the multiplication table in the mind. Sometimes, when faced with a particular task that requires knowledge of the multiplication table, even an adult can become confused. Next, we look at how to learn the multiplication table easily and quickly. We will consider two basic techniques for memorizing multiplication tables.

How to learn the multiplication table of the child

For children, the multiplication table, of course, is quite difficult to learn, so you need to start from the very beginning, namely:

  1. multiplication by one;
  2. multiplication by ten;
  3. multiplication by two;
  4. change factors.

Consider each item in more detail.

Multiplication by one. First of all, it is necessary for the child to explain that multiplying by one always gives the number by which we multiply. 1 x 1 is a unit, 5 x 1 is a five, 7 x 1 is seven, 1000 x 1 is a thousand. Then you need to give the child ten examples to consolidate the material covered.

Multiplication by a ten gives essentially a number with a zero at the end, i.e. if 5 x 10 is 50, if 15,000 x 10, then there will be 150,000. You also need to give the child ten examples to secure the material.

Multiplication by a deuce for many children is the most simple step in studying the multiplication table. The essence of this multiplication lies in the simple addition of two numbers. 2 x 10 is the same as 10 + 10, 2 x 35 is the same as 35 + 35. And again, give the child ten examples to fix

Changing factors also for many children is a simple step in learning the multiplication table. If a child knows such a rule as “the sum does not change from changing places,” then he will certainly understand the rule for changing factors.

The next stage of the study of the multiplication table is quite complicated, so we consider it separately. It consists of several points, namely:

  1. Squares of numbers;
  2. Multiplication by 3;
  3. Multiplication by 4;
  4. Multiplication by 5;
  5. Multiplication by 6;
  6. Multiplication by 7, by 8 and by 9.

The square of a number is the multiplication of a number by itself. This step in learning is pretty simple.

Also, multiplication by 5 is also quite simple to learn.This is due to the fact that all numbers, multiplied by 5, end either by 5 or by 0. Moreover, odd numbers end with 5, and even numbers end with 0. If you explain this point in detail to a child, he can easily remember how to multiply numbers

As for multiplying by 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9, then for this case you should make special katochki. On them it will be easier for the child to study the rest of the multiplication table.

How to learn the multiplication table for an adult

An adult person, despite the fact that he already knows the multiplication table from school, due to its irregular use in everyday life and the use of a calculator, may forget it.

The most successful method for memorizing the multiplication table for an adult is the use of visual memory. You can fix the multiplication table in the car, in the kitchen or in any room. The main thing is that it is always before your eyes. Every day, look at it and remember those multiplication options that are harder for you to remember. As a rule, people are lost when multiplying any numbers by 9 and 7, so check just in case you can multiply by these numbers easily and quickly.

It will be useful and practice in oral multiplication of tens and even hundreds, if you succeed. In any case, it will be useful for you and will definitely come in handy in life.

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