How to emphasize a figure in 2018

How can you become slimmer today without diets and workouts? Fashion designers and stylists offer a number of techniques that are able to emphasize your silhouette. First, say no to bulky clothes. It will not hide the problem areas of the figure, but will make you fuller by several sizes. Pick up clothes for a size or other smaller than yours is also not worth it. She too obtyanet body and find folds, even where they are not. Also never seek to buy a dress like your friend. If it goes to her, it does not mean at all that it will go to you. If you really want to - measure it and make a decision.
Everyone knows that dark colors in clothes slim the figure, but do not get involved in black, you can choose dark blue, dark green, brown, etc. If the figure is a bit heavy - choose outfits with a medium-sized pattern. But most of all slim clothes with vertical lines. For example, a dress with side inserts of a darker color than the dress itself looks very good. Never dress blouses, sweaters and T-shirts with skirts and trousers.Thus, you sharply divide the figure in half, and this will not make you slimmer. Avoid flounces and wide frills - they also make the figure more massive.
What is guaranteed to profitably emphasize your figure? A deep V-shaped neckline will lengthen and show off your neck, making your upper body slimmer. Blouses corset cut not only make the waist more elegant, but also lift the chest. Cuts on the sides of the skirt, dress or trousers make the figure light and flying.
A slender figure is very well emphasized with a wide belt, worn over the hips. And at the waist such a belt will make his carrier even more elegant. Also emphasize the harmony of long chains, beads and earrings. Large, eye-catching decorations visually shorten and weight the figure. A large bag can make you more elegant, but this method does not suit short girls.
Do not forget about the correct selection of shoes and accessories. They must be combined with your clothes and among themselves. Heeled shoes make legs slimmer. Ballet flats are shown to wear only very young and slim ladies. Heavy footwear will make you massive, and your walk will be heavy.Boots with elastic tops can make slimmer almost any legs and you can wear them with a variety of skirts in style and length.
To feel more confident - remove from the wardrobe things that do not suit you, and buy new ones that give slimness. But even the most suitable for you and quality clothing will not emphasize the figure, if you do not follow the posture. Keep your back straight - only then the outfits will look perfect.

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