How to emphasize the waist

Get clothes of your size. In the spacious things you become shapeless, in close all visible even the smallest folds. Ideally, clothing should fit the figure, but at the same time sit free.
Avoid when choosing things all hanging and surround. It will only hidewaist�and visually add a few unwanted pounds.
Wear clothes whose colors are not very different from each other. With the same color palette, one gets the impression of a single slim line. Combine in clothes all diverse shades of one color - from light to dark.
Choose the right accessories. A belt should not be lost against the general background, its task is to emphasize a figure, to make a favorable accent. A thin belt will visually make the hips andwaist�fuller, and a wide belt - slimmer. When clothing calm colors choose interesting and bright accessories. Wearing elegant or too "colorful" things, try to generally limit their number. Better in this case, let the accessories be small than a lot.
You should choose soft fabrics - they are not only comfortable to wear, but also emphasize the shape. In the clothes of a more dense and rigid material this effect is not achieved. Do not give preference to shiny or transparent clothing. They only shade voluminous places.
Pay attention to fitted jackets or jackets. With their help, you can create a more slender image, even if you are not very thin.
Watch your posture. With a straight back waist always in place. Actively engage in sports, adhere to the methods of healthy eating and then your waist, and you yourself, will be refined and slim in any clothing.

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