How to engage in resale in 2018

Create a customer network. This may be a customer base with contact details. You should be able to quickly contact all potential buyers. They should know you and treat the proposals favorably. For communication, you can use sales agents, managers working on the phone or electronic mailing lists. To collect the base, use free events where customers fill out a questionnaire to get important information. Be warned that you will periodically get in touch, but do this only on a topic that the person is interested in.
Get pre-orders from customers before negotiating with suppliers. The pre-order is not related to the payment of money, but it is important that the prospective buyer takes the initiative and declares his intention to buy the product / service. For pre-orders, send an offer to the customer base. All responded, put in a separate list and then work only with him. So save the rest of the people from the database from unnecessary messages.They will not complain that you are sending unnecessary advertisements and will not refuse to cooperate in the future.
Take the goods for sale. Agree with the supplier to return unsold goods. You cannot guarantee that all people in the pre-order list will pay for the purchase. Therefore, an agreement with the supplier is required. During the negotiations, inform that you are working with regular customers, and the goods are not stale somewhere in the warehouse: everything will be decided in the coming days.
Make customers a specific offer. Inform that the quantity of goods is limited and the terms of payment are possible only in the specified period of time. You can add to the purchase of pleasant small things to encourage customers to immediately decide. Think about profit margins and make a delivery, special packaging or a gift for customers.
Return unsold copies to the supplier. Do everything fast. Do not keep goods in stock.
Helpful advice
Keep statistics to know how much profit each client makes on average. This will allow you to plan advertising investments in the expansion of the customer base.

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