How to equip a dining room

The central part of any dining room, of course, will be the dining table, so the interior of the entire room, its style should match the style of the dining table. The shape of the table, select any: round, rectangular or square. All permanently present family members should be placed around him so that they are spacious and comfortable. The optimal size, choose such that each had at least 60 cm in width and 40 cm in length.
If the room under the dining room is not very large and the number of diners is not constant, choose a transforming table that can be laid out if necessary. The material of the table can be any, usually used wood. But for the dining room, made in the style of hi-tech, pick up a table made of metal, plastic, or a combination of both.
If you have not purchased a table set, which includes a table and chairs, then pick them up in the same style key along with the table. It is desirable that the chairs were soft, so that during the lunch or dinner they were comfortable to sit on.Well, if they are with armrests.
It would be appropriate to place in the dining room cabinet for storing dishes. It should also correspond to the dining table in its style, since it will occupy one of the central places. On the walls of the dining room, hang open shelves on which place souvenir plates, mugs, porcelain figurines, bronze products, glass and ceramic vases. It is appropriate in the dining room also look floor vases with dried flowers and pots with high indoor plants.
Use in the design of the dining room warm colors that are close to natural. But even if all the premises, including walls, furniture and table linens are decorated in the same soothing colors, be sure to form bright color spots on the walls or in the interior design. For this fit paintings and individual items of decor, placed in the dining room. Consider that red, orange, yellow, green and blue contribute to an increase in appetite.

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