How to equip the kitchen in the Japanese style?

The Japanese style in the interior is an indicator of the minimalism of details that create harmony in the room. In such a decor there is not a single extra detail, every thing has its own meaning. Housing, designed in this way, expresses the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, aimed at contemplating people of the true meaning of life and comprehension of the laws of nature.

If you want to decorate the kitchen in this design, then you should follow certain rules in the decoration of the ceiling, walls, layout, lighting, selection of colors and choice of decorative filling.

Basic principles

The space, designed in the Japanese style, involves the following components:

  • simplicity;
  • minimalism;
  • free space;
  • harmonious combination of all elements in the design;
  • multifunctionality.

This design is ideal for a large apartment, and allows you to harmoniously equip a small one. In the presence of a small space, the design feature of the country of the Rising Sun is perfectly manifested - a constructive use of footage.Therefore, even a small room in this decor will visually expand and gain its completeness.

Color spectrum

To emphasize the balance in the universe and the surrounding world, the color in the interior of the kitchen should contain a palette of elements, so the design should be given preference to such shades as blue, white, red, brown and green.

Also in the design of the room you need to stick to the soft colors, using light colors in the basis. Bright shades are permissible only in the role of accents that are added for contrast. For example, if you have light walls, then they are perfectly diluted with dark furniture.

Do not forget about the lighting, it should be as close as possible to the natural. Therefore, in no case should artificial light create a voltage. Give preference to soft lighting. And lamps made of wood, rice paper or glass will add a zest to the Asian flavor.

The room

Traditionally, only natural materials are used for the walls, ceiling and floor. At the same time it is necessary to observe a harmonious combination of color. Therefore, choose pastel, light and golden hues.

Murals will be an excellent decoration of the walls, skinali, decorated with sakura or hieroglyphs, perfectly fit into any space, and bamboo wallpaper will look stylish in both small and large kitchen.


The furniture in this decor combines versatility and lightness. If you design the kitchen in this way, you should avoid cluttering up the space.

Therefore, the headset can not contain elements that do not carry any semantic load. Furniture should perform only everyday functions, give preference to household appliances, rather than excessive and elaborate decoration.


To emphasize color, decorate the windows with silk curtains or bamboo blinds, hang bright fans on the walls, and you can decorate the shelves with a bonsai tree, ikebans or porcelain services. Just do not overdo it with the decor, remember that you need to place accents, and do not overwhelm the room with extra things.

If you want your kitchen to combine elegance and convenience, then choose a design in the Japanese style. It will have to taste even the most notorious connoisseurs of harmonious decorating and housing arrangement.

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