How to equip the kitchen

Whatever the size and shape of your kitchen, you should ensure free movement between the stove, sink, refrigerator, and work desk. Here the golden rule of 3 meters works, i.e., three working zones (sink-stove-worktable-refrigerator) must be located at least 3 meters apart.
Be sure to think over the lighting, not only common, but also local, above the working areas, which is perhaps more important than anything else. Install additional sockets, provide powerful ventilation.
Share yourthe kitchento the zones: working, dining, to the zone in which you will wash the dishes and collect the waste. Thus, the working area should consist of a stove, refrigerator, cabinets, shelves, a desktop for cooking.
Despite the fact that there are many insulation materials, do not put a stove or oven near the refrigerator, and in a cramped kitchen, there is no place to wash in front of an electric stove.
The dining area in the large kitchen can be divided by a working partition.In ordinary kitchens, the dining table can be used as a chopping board. In a small kitchen, you can install a small bar that will serve as a zone separator.
In the cleaning area, you can put a sink, dishwasher, closet for storing cleaning devices and tools.
Once the layout is selected, decide the question of household appliances, whether it will be built. For small kitchens - built-in appliances, this is an ideal option that will provide significant savings in space and eliminate chaos. The issue of compatibility of furniture and built-in equipment must be addressed in the initial stages.
Choose a floor covering in the kitchen taking into account the specifics of this place, namely, the floor should be resistant to hot splashes, dirt, waterproof, its surface should wash well, but at the same time, not be slippery. In this room you can put a cork, linoleum or facing tile.
If the floor in the kitchen is uneven, choose furniture with adjustable legs and fittings. Pipes in the kitchen can spoil the look and design of the room, but they can’t be made anywhere, just hide under a decorative box.
Be sure to provide a space between the furniture and the wall, about 2-3 cm. This free space will be needed for electrical wiring for all kinds of household, kitchen, electrical appliances.
If you decide to make a kitchen to order, then insist on the use of special plastic legs in the lower structure of furniture.

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