How to exchange apartments

Announcements about the exchange of living space very much. In order not to look through obviously unnecessary announcements, it is necessary before the commencement of the exchange procedure to determine exactly what kind of living space I would like to receive in exchange for the apartment being exchanged.
In the process of selecting suitable living space, it is necessary to inspect the apartment, as well as invite for inspection to yourself. Both parties involved in the exchange should know what kind of living space they will have as a result of the transaction. In the process of inspection, you can ask any questions about the state of the apartment, utilities, infrastructure and transport interchange in the area. After talking with the owner of the dwelling there should be no outstanding questions.
Such a mutual inspection is possible if both parties are in the same city. If the task of exchange is to move to another city, inspection of the apartment can be problematic. In this case, you can communicate via e-mail.Arriving in another city for inspection of residential premises, you need to determine for yourself a few apartments to be inspected.
It must be borne in mind that the transaction may involve an exchange with additional conditions. If the purpose of the exchange is to improve housing conditions, then you should be ready to pay cash. The amount to be paid depends on the condition of the apartment for which the exchange is made.
If during the inspection the parties came to an oral agreement to make a deal, then it is necessary to understand that from this moment the most crucial stage begins for both owners. Each of the parties involved in the exchange must make sure that the apartment is legally clean. This means that at the time of the transaction the living space should not be arrested, to be in a dispute or pledge; in other words - no burden should be imposed on the apartment. Information about this can be found in the Federal Service for Geodesy, Cadastre and Cartography, by contacting a competent employee. Proof that no burden has been imposed on the apartment will be a certificate issued by an employee of the specified institution. It should be noted that such certificates must be taken by the parties in respect of both apartments. This is necessary to minimize the possibility of property disputes after the transaction.
The main document regulating the relations of the parties involved in the transaction is an exchange agreement. It is extremely important to make it legally correct, not forgetting to include there all the details that are relevant to the transaction, as well as for the parties. It should be understood that, although the state body registers this document, employees are unable to verify the accuracy and reliability of the data specified in the contract. After the state registration of the apartment exchange transaction has been completed, the contract will become the main title document. If this document does not include all the data, distort something, or include inaccurate information, it can later cause quite serious problems.

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