How to extend the life of flowers: 13 tips

Have you ever noticed that almost all interior shots contain real flowers in the pictures? And all because an armful of flowers always decorate the interior and bring the necessary vitality and sense of celebration into it. However, it is very annoying when a beautiful bouquet declares its death in a day. No, that won't do! Let the flowers stand as long as possible.

We will tell you some simple rules that will help prolong their lives.

1) The main problem is why flowers fade quickly: they either don’t like water or it doesn’t get enough of them. The surest way to fight for the longevity of bouquets is to cut the stems and change the water daily.

2) It is necessary to cut the stems obliquely so that more water can feed the flower. I also use a knife to remove 1-2 cm of the top cover of the stem, exposing it to water.

3) If you bring a bouquet from the frost, then before you do all the manipulations with it and put it in a vase, you should let the flowers acclimatize. It is better to put them in the cool for a short time: on the windowsill, for example.

delicate flowersblue flowers4) Before you put flowers in the water, you need to cut off the leaves (and thorns) from the bottom of the stem: then the leaves will not rot, and the stalk will have more water access.

5) It is better to pour boiled water at room temperature or at least water from a filter into a vase. No flower will like too hot hard water.

6) If it is not possible to pamper a flower with good water, then in order to soften the water that is (in cities it is mostly very hard), add a tablespoon of vinegar or citric acid to it.

flowers in the interiorflowers in the interiorflowers in the interior7) Oddly enough, but sugar prolongs the life of flowers. If you see that the flowers begin to "sad", add a teaspoon of sugar to the water.

8) There is a trick: if the flowers have a hard stem (like a rose or lilac), you can cut the bottom of the stem into several parts: this will further increase the flow of life-giving moisture.

9) If you see that the stem starts to rot and the water becomes greenish, then you need to change the water, clean the stem, and then add a teaspoon of salt, alcohol or half a tablet of aspirin to the new liquid (they say it helps a lot!).

10) Daily spraying of flowers with cool water from a spray bottle will make the flowers more joyful and fresh.

flowers in the interiorflowers in the interiorflowers in the interior11) When changing water, always wash the stalks.And do not forget about the vase: it is also better to rinse, and if necessary, rinse with soda solution.

12) Surprisingly, but a fact: not all flowers are combined with each other. It means not aesthetic component, but natural. In close proximity, lilies and tulips, for example, fade faster. You need to properly arrange bouquets. When buying flowers, florists should tell you which flowers do not need to be kept in one vase. Lilies of the valley and carnations - single flowers, spoiling any company of fellows in which they fall. Keep in mind.

13) To refresh the flowers, let them stand in the cold for a while. Also known popular way - to put flowers in the water in the bathroom. For an hour they are soaked with water that they will stand for some time.

flowers in the interiorflowers in the interiorflowers in the interiorAnd finally, the secrets of caring for certain flowers:lilacdoes not like heat;tulipsfor resuscitation, you can briefly put in the refrigerator;rosesIt is necessary to have as much water as possible; also, the ends of their stems should be held under hot water so that they absorb moisture better; atlilyit is worth removing the dark ends of the stamens before putting them. And almost all flowers will be grateful for half a pill of aspirin.

How to make the flowers last longer: 13 tipsIf you are engaged in flowers every day and in a good mood, which they, as is commonly believed, feel very much, they will repay you with beauty and a long life.

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