How to fill in the form of an accident

First write down the necessary information about the participants and witnesses.Accident. Properly completedformwill speed up the work of insurers, and you can quickly get a refund.
If one of the drivers forgets to indicate the name and address of the insurance company or puts a cross in the wrong place, the insurer will have to look for the missing information on its own. The document certifying the accident should be well read. It is recommended to use only one set.format two participating inAccidentvehicles. This document has two columns. It does not matter what you fill out.
Atfilling is best to use a ballpoint pen. Write with pressure. Please note that all information should be clearly displayed on the copy. In this case, insurers will receive a readable copy of the sameforma. Fill out the document atAccidentshould both drivers. At the very bottom of the copy must be put paintings of both participants.Accident.
To assureformmust also be a traffic police officer who arrived at the placeAccidentfor registration. There are cases when the perpetrators of the accident refuse to sign or fill in a copy. In this situation, fill it in yourself and indicate in the appropriate box the brand, number, color of the car of another participant in the accident. You should also find witnesses and provide the necessary information about these individuals.
If it was not possible to find witnesses, then in paragraph 7 specify “no witnesses”. If they are, enter F. I. O., addresses and phone numbers. In paragraph 13, you must describe how much of the car was damaged initially. In no case do not indicate there all the parts that were damaged in the collision. In paragraph 14, accurately and briefly describe the nature of damage to the parts, as well as elements. You must also emphasize the required damage characteristic. It may be a dent, scratch or tear.

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