How to find a distant relative

You will need
  • - Internet access;
  • - information from the city archive;
  • - old letters;
  • - photo of a person.
Find all the old letters. Perhaps, once before, you corresponded with the right person. On the envelope you can see the mailing address. Write a letter, and maybe you will be able to renew the relationship with the person of interest.
Go to social networks. The most famous of these is the VKontakte website. Do not lag behind him, "Classmates", Facebook, "My World". There is a high probability that you will find the person you need using these resources.
Please note that you need to look not only for a well-known last name, because a person could get married and marry. If your relatives went abroad, then use social networks of international scale.
Visit the city archive, where your lost relative lived and once lived. There you can find information about where to look for relatives.At the same time you can find out a lot of information about your own family.
If you are sure in which village the right people are located, then try to go to the city forum. Even better, if you have a photograph of the wanted person, because almost all the inhabitants of the town or even a megacity know each other, if not personally, then through their friends and acquaintances.
Go looking for a place where he could live. You can post his photo and make inquiries. You might be lucky to find the farrelative.
Advertise in a local newspaper. It is desirable that this was a paid edition, then your application will be placed on the first pages. Do not stint to spend money, because you want a quick result.
Go to a TV show called "Wait for me." As a rule, this service is engaged in search of people absolutely free of charge. Register on the site and fill out a simple search form. If there is any information about the person sought, then you will be informed. Therefore, leave your email address or phone number.

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