How to find a hamster?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 21, 2013
How to find a hamster?

Often the owners rush around the apartment asking how to find a hamster? As their favorite animal escaped by opening the door with his foot. But you should know that these animals are very smart and mobile, then you can take action in time, and the hamster will not run away. But if it happened, it must be found. This will be made much easier if you know and take into account the peculiarities of his behavior.

We are looking for a hamster

What you should know first of all, before finding a hamster in an apartment, is that hamsters are nocturnal animals. And having escaped from captivity in the afternoon, he will hide in some secluded corner. And late in the evening or at night he will come out of his shelter and will run around the apartment, looking for food. Therefore, water and feed should be placed in advance near the animal house. The hamster will certainly be interested in such a treat, and will come running to try it. And you will only need to seize the moment and catch it with a towel or a piece of cloth. And then move it to a cage or aquarium.Pulling a hamster out of matter must be done with special care so as not to damage its delicate paws and spout.

If the pet does not leave its shelter, it will have to look for it yourself. This is not an easy task, because these rodents are very compact and able to creep into any slot. They especially like to hide in warm, soft, dark places. Therefore, it makes sense to look for the animal in the closets, near the battery, on the shelves of clothes, under the blanket on the bed. Since hamsters are climbing very quickly, the lower and upper tiers of furniture should be checked. They can easily climb onto the table, clinging to a long tablecloth with their paws.

It happens that these animals are so cleverly hidden that they cannot be found in the apartment for all attempts. And you can spend the whole day under the slogan "looking for hamsters." But, nevertheless, there is no reason for anxiety, because sooner or later you will be able to catch the animal. And now he needs to provide access to water and food. As a result, every time, before going to bed, you should leave on the floor a saucer with grain, clean water, fresh vegetables.

To quickly locate an escaped rodent,You should sprinkle flour between the corners of the cabinets and doorways, and put some food somewhere, at night, he will come to feast on and leave traces along which it can be easily found. It is important to find a hamster as quickly as possible, since these animals like to nibble on furniture, things, and electrical wires, which can trigger a short circuit.

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