How to find money for a dream?

How to find money for a dream?

How to find money for a dream?



The experts called a lot of ways to save money for a person to accumulate the amount he needed. They include both usual ways of accumulating in a bank account (postponeing some part of the received income), as well as participation in CBOs, mutual funds and purchase of securities. There is a huge mass of ways of accumulating money and investing, and every person has the right to choose for himself the method of multiplying and accumulating money. How to find money for a dream? At first, a person must thoroughly examine all possible options.


It's no secret that most people dream of objects of comfort and luxury. But it is not reasonable to spend more money than you can afford. There are a huge number of other ways to be unique and stand out from the crowd. And what would make a dream achievable, you need to properly spend money on what you really need. It is much better to buy a water filter once than to constantly buy bottled water.Experts advise to plan their budget thoroughly and in advance at least for a week, in order to avoid spontaneous purchases, respectively, and extra costs.


You can save at breakfast, breakfast should not be in a cafe, and at home. Lunches will be much cheaper, having prepared it at home and taking it with you to work, rather than giving money for ready-made in the dining room or cooking. For those who dream of getting rid of any bad habits (for example, from smoking), the financial side will be a good incentive. Without spending money on cigarettes, you can decently save and improve your health. On utility bills, it is also possible to save a little, for example, timely switching off electrical appliances, turning off the water and using energy-saving technologies. How to find money for a dream? It is very important to set a specific goal for which the savings will be implemented. And after the designation of goals, you must begin to develop good habits. Money should work and bring income, and not lie on the shelf and wait for the moment when they spend.


A large number of experts recommend doing in the budget a reserve fund, the size of three,and better than six monthly expenses. A person spends less than his income, but this does not mean that he will limit himself in everything. Because of the desire to save up on BMW, you should not switch to bread with water. Also, do not confuse savings with stinginess. The thrifty person tries to avoid rash purchases and waste, and the stingy is usually trying to save even the necessary things without thinking about quality. “Joint purchases” have become an innovative way to save the budget.


They, as a rule, are produced via the Internet, people unite to buy certain goods at wholesale prices. The initiators of such purchases are independently engaged in troubles, delivery and payment, receiving for this, the negotiation previously agreed. At the same time, the product is still cheaper than in the store.


However, in addition to the positive qualities of this event, there are a number of negative ones:


  1. - Like any purchase on the Internet, it is a purchase by pictures. The goods can not be measured, touched or touched in advance;
  2. - Such an event implies a certain degree of trust between the participants; a fraudster can easily be in a group;
  3. - After some time, the savings can easily turn into useless waste of money associated with the acquisition of simply unnecessary goods;


A second-generation second-hand, or a quality stock, is a good choice for a growing generation. Usually preparing for the birth of people buy only new things (cot, stroller, etc.), but you can also buy high-quality things at a better price. In many countries, future parents “order” gifts before birth of a child in the form of notes to relatives. We have not adopted such a custom, as a rule, I would like a surprise, and absolutely nothing. After all, 3 strollers and 2 cots are not needed by anyone (not to mention a dozen teddy bears and elephants).


Before going to a wound or a supermarket, experts recommend to make a shopping list. Without it, it can be very difficult to buy everything that is necessary, but it will be very easy to buy a bunch of unnecessary goods. It is better not to go for food on an empty stomach, otherwise you will reflexively take the unnecessary and then regret it at home. Going shopping, it is worth taking only the amount you plan to spend or a little more, but you never have to take all the money you have left until the end of the week or month. And do not trust shares of the type “two for the price of one.”These products may well be poor quality and even expired.


It should be borne in mind that there are things to save on which is simply strictly forbidden, even in spite of the great desire to save: This is lingerie for pregnant women and nursing mothers; Baby diapers (if you use cheap options, you may have health problems); Automotive child seats (cheap chairs can be simply of poor quality, and used to lose properties; Shoes, especially for children (poor quality shoes can lead to problems with legs ).


How to find money for a dream? A person must make decisions on the expediency of saving on his own. On which he chooses to save himself. And the main thing is that the savings should be effective and correct and not grow into stinginess over time.


Save on goods from China? How?

Save on goods from China? How?

How to save on buying goods from China?



Shopping in foreign online stores is sometimes very profitable. Pleases both the price and the purchase procedure itself, which at first glance seems rather complicated, but actually simple. The most important thing to understand everything and do not rush.Goods purchased in overseas online stores will be sent to the buyer by mail. Such a parcel, of course, will pass through customs.


Some people that the customs clearance will occur for weeks or months, but this is not so: one parcel of a non-commercial nature will go through customs much faster than transporting a large consignment of goods.




When ordering goods outside the state, a citizen of the Russian Federation needs to know the following:

  1. - All mailings with a cost of up to 1000 euros are imported into the country without duties, which means that buying even a rather expensive product does not need to pay a fee.
  2. - Statistics show that on average, the passage of customs control for one parcel does not exceed three days. But if the goods are prohibited for importation into the territory of the state, they may be detained.
  3. - If you know the code of the parcel, you have the opportunity to calmly observe the process of customs clearance through the global network.


If, however, for some reason, the parcel is still detained at customs, the recipient must notify this fact officially. It is necessary to take an extract from the bank confirming the fact of payment for the goods,make a description of the purchase from the online store in the form of a printout and go to the customs office at the place of residence with a full package of documents, demanding an explanation of the reason for which the goods were detained. This problem is mostly purely theoretical, in practice this situation is very unlikely.


How to save on buying goods from China? Now there is a huge variety of online stores. You can find the one that suits you by reading online reviews, consulting with friends, or simply finding out which stores are popular.


One of the world's most popular online stores is eBay.

It is very famous for auctions, and the opportunity to choose the seller that suits you. When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the seller’s rating and also to positive feedback about it. If the seller has a lot of positive reviews and a high rating, you can safely buy a product that you like. The seller on the page has a window indicating the quantity of goods available for sale, as well as information about the quantity already sold. From this information you can see whether the product is popular with this seller or not.Particular attention should be paid to the field "delivery" in which there must be an option "anywhere in the world." It is advisable to see the cost of delivery. The decision is made, the seller is found, you can click the "buy" button, after which you will be asked to choose a payment option. It is best to choose the payment system Paypal, the recipient is not transmitted any data on the card of the buyer. After confirming the payment, you need to wait for delivery (usually it is about five weeks).


The next fairly popular resource among the people of Russia is Dealextreme.

In the assortment of this online store there are also "goods for adults", various kinds of technical devices (from funny and simple, to complex and serious ones). The main advantage of this resource is free shipping. The client actually buys the product without any surcharges, at the price indicated on the site. But there are also disadvantages. Purchases from this store come two or three weeks later than others because of the high workload.


Hobbyking is also a popular online store.

This is a radio-controlled toys shop. There you can easily choose a gift for your child and not only.There are radio-controlled cars, helicopters, airplanes and so on. But the delivery on the resource is paid.


The list can be continued for a long time. How to save on buying goods from China? Each person selects for himself the store, which will be to his liking the cost of goods, assortment, price of delivery, user interface. In the global network, you can buy cosmetics, clothing and any other goods. But it must be remembered, foreign sites are usually English-language, completely unaware of the language it is better not to enter them, because you have nothing to do there. It is necessary to at least understand something about what is written in the product description and how the buttons are signed.


Is it possible to save? It depends on the product, the specific store, some nuances and of course delivery.

  • - Inexpensive souvenirs that are sold in stores for 200 - 250 rubles, when buying online will cost about 2 dollars. Buying them in large quantities for gifts, you can save very much.
  • - Low-cost technical devices (cheap phones, radios) will provide an opportunity to save from 30 to 50 percent, while expensive devices by no more than 10.


It follows from this that the belief that in online stores goods are sold “practically for nothing” is a myth. And payment in such stores is made only by a card, which you need to open before, and then master the use. Sitting at home, of course, looking for the right thing is much easier and more convenient, but on the other hand you will not be able to touch or try on anything. It turns out that if you need inexpensive souvenirs and not urgently, order them better on the Internet. But when you need to buy shoes or a dress - the best option would be to act in the old manner, that is, go to an ordinary store.


How to increase your income?

How to increase your income?

How to increase your income several times?



It is known, in order to increase their income, a person must first increase it at a subconscious level. Everybody knows this, but as practice shows, very few people use it. This is not surprising, because the understanding of this problem is one thing, but putting it into practice is quite another. In order to figure out how to use almost such knowledge and way of thinking, especially without straining, to receive large incomes. How to increase your income several times?






Achieving a set financial goal, it is necessary to perform successively a number of simple actions, according to the algorithm given below:

  1. - It is necessary to take a sheet of paper and enter into it the amount that the person wants to receive in five years, a year or six months.
  2. - Then these numbers need to be uttered in the ear, but it’s already as if you are making a wish that the people around you (if someone was nearby) understood what exactly you want. Here is an example of the phrase - “I want this fall, without straining at all with great pleasure to earn 250,000 rubles.” This phrase in the future should be repeated as often as possible, but only to himself. You can also print this phrase and hang it in the place where you will most often see it.
  3. - Next, you need to come up with and write down 10 options for various ways to increase income (the more you come up with them, the better). It is possible to include in the list both traditional variants of earnings, and not absolutely real. This procedure is not done in order to find real ways to make money, but as rules in order to realize your intention.
  4. - Give yourself a gift.Buy something that you would not buy earlier because of lack of funds. Or whatever you think about is a waste of money. You can still buy a thing related to unacceptable luxury (but in fact there will just be enough savings for it). This way you unlock your cash flow.
  5. - With the constant accumulation of funds or their savings, you need to think about the goals of these actions. One should never save money “for a rainy day” or “for poverty”. But if you have lost your job, you can put some money in reserve, but this will also not be entirely correct. It is possible to postpone or save money, but only this must be done correctly, with pleasure and with a specific goal. The main word here will be - pleasure, if the accumulation of funds will cause you discomfort, it is better not to do this at all.
  6. - It is important to remember more negative proverbs, sayings and phrases that relate to money. And associated with the wealth of negative thoughts, each person has them for sure. Then all that they remembered to write on a separate sheet.
  7. - Each negative statement must be written completely opposite to him, that is, positive.This leaf must be divided into two parts, the positive must be carried with you, sometimes glancing at it, and the negative must be burned.
  8. - You will need to remember the attitude to money that was previously in the family (with grandmothers, parents) and analyze how this affected your subconscious. Negative settings should be replaced with others that are more suitable for your situation.
  9. - Wealth and big money is very important not to really be afraid. A lot of people are actually very afraid of this on subconscious levels. Experts believe that adding at least a third to their monthly salary can, without straining at all, each person without exception. You can first try to increase your income not immediately, but gradually. With each new month, increase your income. Constantly doing the above activities and of course invent new sources of enrichment.


How to increase your income?

How to increase your income?

How to increase your income several times? Anyone can actually attract finances to them in their own ways. Therefore, it is not necessary to simply repeat everything that is written in this article.You need to listen to your inner voice. Sometimes he gives hints and dictates his “exercises”, which are perhaps even much better, simpler and more effective than the advice that experts give. It is very important to accept the fact that in any state, any situation you can earn large sums of money. There is no need to complain and whine because of lack of money - you just need to pull yourself together and convince yourself to become rich, to have all the benefits that absolutely every person deserves.


How to increase your income several times? Here are some ways to increase your income:

  1. - One of the most common ways is deposits in a bank. Some people prefer to increase their income in this way. Putting some amount of money into the account and receive regular interest from them.
  2. - Investing in real estate. For the implementation of this type of earnings requires a fairly large initial capital, it follows from this that it is not suitable for everyone.
  3. - Buying stock. This method should usually bring a good and regular income. But in the other case, no one will give guarantees that the company will not go bankrupt and, accordingly, its shares will not be impaired.
  4. - Participation in mutual investment funds (mutual funds). In this way, the probability of making a profit is certainly large, but there is a risk of losing your investments as well.
  5. - Opening your business will certainly be profitable, but for its foundation you need a rather big start-up capital. And besides, he is constantly in need of cash security.


And of course it is always necessary to remember! Each person earns as much as he allows himself!

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