How to find out what wood I have

Beautiful light color of wood and amazingly white color of bark has birch. There is practically no smell, only dry wood has the aroma of wood, moreover, it does not have a characteristic smell, but a little perceptible. Birchfirewood- the best option for heating baths, houses and other buildings without the use of coal. The heat from them is very strong, warming up the room quickly. In some regions, the price of birchfirewoodkeeps up a high level, but they fully justify themselves. Chimneys from them are also not clogged.
How to find out what <b> me </ b> <strong> firewood </ strong>
The pronounced aroma of the resin have pinefirewood. Their cost is an order of magnitude lower than that of birch, which is understandable. Pine clogs the chimneys and they have to be cleaned, and this is problematic, because you have to climb on the roof. The color of the wood is yellow, sometimes with prominent droplets of resin. The bark is bright red, uneven and fragrant. The room is heated slowly, but with the addition of coal it is normal. Pine can be called an economical option.
How to find out what <b> me </ b> <strong> firewood </ strong>
Larch unlike pine and birch for heating whenmeextremely rare. Onfirewoodthere are only trimming and other waste. The color of the bark is red, as is the color of the wood. Pitch also stands, but slightly less. The smell, like that of a pine tree, is perhaps a little weaker. Suitable for heating in combination with coal, but also without it. If you have not found such kind of wood in your settlement, it means that it simply does not grow in the nearest forests.
How to find out what <b> me </ b> <strong> firewood </ strong>

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