How to fix the antenna

You will need
  • Bolts, screwdriver, insulation tape.
To begin, stock up with the necessary tools: a knife, pliers and a screwdriver. Whatever procedures you have to perform, without this set you just can not do. Now think about how long your antenna already serves you. If this is a room appliance, then the service life is not so important, but in the case of a street antenna the situation changes. Under the influence of external factors (frost, heat, rain, fog), the television cable gradually loses its properties, and its insulating sheath is destroyed, and therefore various kinds of malfunctions can occur. In addition, bolt-and-nut fastenings are exposed to harmful effects. They oxidize, so the density of the compounds becomes weaker, as a result of which the contact deteriorates.
If your TV antenna is made using a mast, you will have to be a little more complicated, but nothing impossible. First, carefully place the mast on the floor or on the ground.Watch the cable tension so that it is not too strong. Then inspect the TV antenna: check the places where the cable is attached to the distribution box, as well as the mounting of the antenna horns. If you notice some loose bolts, unscrew them and replace with new ones.
In the event of a defect in the attachment points of the television cable, proceed as follows. If you find that the rest of the cable is in a suitable condition, cut the unusable piece, gently strip the end and fix it well with new bolts. If in the process of inspecting the cable you find cracks, breaks, sheath outcrops, breaks, the inevitable change the cable.

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