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How to Fold a Hoodie

Three Methods:

At first glance, hoodies may seem tough to fold because of their shape. But by learning the right technique, you can fold your hoodies quickly and efficiently. Depending on your preferences and time constraints, you can either do a simple fold or a complex KonMari fold on your hoodies. Once you've properly folded your hoodies, you'll be able to easily organize them in your closet.


Trying a Basic Fold

  1. Flip the hoodie backwards and upside down.Place the hoodie on a table and lay it with the back facing upward and the hoodie facing down. If your hoodie has a zipper or front pocket, for example, both should be facing down at this stage.
    • If you can't find a clear table, most stable surfaces will do.
  2. Cross the arms across the back.Take each hoodie arm one at a time and cross them over the middle of the hoodie. The hoodie shape should form a rectangle with the hood poking out at the bottom.
    • At this stage, leave the hood undisturbed. You will need it to poke out over the hoodie later on.
  3. Fold the hoodie in half horizontally.Grab the top half of the hoodie and fold it evenly over the bottom half. Let the hood hang over the bottom as you align the bottom of the hoodie with the shoulders.
  4. Fold the hoodie vertically into quarters, creating a square.Grab one side of the hoodie and fold it vertically over the other half. Again, allow the hood to hang over the bottom and pull it out of you accidentally trap it in the fold.
  5. Tuck the hood over the rest of the hoodie.Open the hood and stretch it over the folded rectangle until the entire body of your hoodie is nestled in the hood. Cover the rest of the entire hoodie with the hood to hold it in place while storing it in your closet.
    • The newly-folded hoodie should form a square, with the hood covering the entire surface.

Doing a KonMari Fold

  1. Lay the hoodie down on a table.Tables, beds, or a clear area on the floor all work well for folding hoodies. While positioning the hoodie on the table, place the hoodie face down so that any zippers or front hoods face upward.
  2. Fold the hoodie sides towards the center.Place the hoodie face down on a bed or table. Fold the hoodie vertically into thirds and fold in the end thirds towards the center third so that the 2 ends touch.
    • Do not fold the sleeves in the middle at this stage, as you'll do this later on.
    • The KonMari technique is a method for folding clothes that minimizes how much space your clothing takes up.
  3. Fold the sleeves in half horizontally over the sides.Grab each sleeve and fold them in half over the middle, one at a time. Position the sleeves so each one lies over the 2 ends folded into the middle.
    • At this stage, the hoodie should form a rectangular shape with the hood sticking out on top.
    • Smooth out the edges after each fold to keep the hoodie secure when you put it in your closet.
  4. Fold the hood down over the jacket's seam line.Grab the hood and fold it down over the hoodie's seam line, smoothing out any creases as you do so. The hood should rest over the center of the hoodie's sleeves and folded sides.
  5. Section the hoodie into thirds and fold it a final time.Divide the hoodie into a top, bottom, and a middle. Roll the bottom third of the hoodie over the middle and top for a tight, even finish to your KonMari fold.
    • At this last stage, the hoodie should look like a small, tight tube.

Organizing Folded Hoodies

  1. Stack basic folded hoodies in your closet or shelves.Basic folded hoodies form bulky squares that can easily stack on top of each other. Stack your closet or shelves with your folded hoodies from the bottom to the top for simple storage.
    • Avoid mixing basic and KonMari folded hoodies, as this can end up taking more space.
  2. Organize KonMari folded hoodies vertically in a drawer.Unlike basic folded hoodies, KonMari folded hoodies cannot be stacked. Instead, line your closet drawers with the hoodies from one end to another until you cover the entire space.
    • Stacked KonMari folded hoodies are more likely to unravel in its storage space.
    • Folding your hoodies vertically also allows you to see them all at once without taking up too much space.
  3. Dedicate a specific area in your closet to hoodie storage.Section your closet into different areas for storing various clothing items. Organize all of your folded hoodies in the same area of your closet, separate from other clothing items.
    • You might store your hoodies, for example, in a specific closet drawer or storage tub.
    • You could, for example, use shelf dividers to stack or arrange your folded hoodies in your closet.

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  • Zip the hoodie up, if it has a zipper, before folding for a cleaner and smoother fold.
  • Neither folding method for hoodies is better than the other. The one you choose depends mostly on your personal preferences and which fits your personal organization style.
  • Folding too many hoodies, especially ones you never wear, can cause more clutter than it does organization.

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