How to forget about pain during the menstrual cycle?

Menstruation is normal, but if it causes severe discomfort and is accompanied by painful sensations, it is necessary to look for and eliminate the causes of the problem. Learn how to cope with pain during menstruation and feel better on those days.

Why do pains occur?

Painful menstruation in medical practice is called algomenorrhea and is a frequent occurrence. Pain arises due to the action of the hormone prostaglandin, synthesized by the tissues of the uterus and provoking the contraction of the body. Contractive activity is necessary to remove the lining layer of the endometrium, which fulfilled its functions and was torn away from the cavity. But if the prostaglandin level is elevated, the contractions can be painful.

There are two types of algomenorrhea: primary and secondary. Primary develops due to increased levels of prostaglandin of unknown nature.Monthly painful almost from the very beginning, but there are no other symptoms. This species is diagnosed in girls aged 15-25 years. Secondary algomenorrhea is caused by pathologies of the structure of the female genital organs or inflammatory diseases.

The causes of painful menstruation can be as follows:

  • hormonal disruptions;
  • inflammatory diseases of the reproductive sphere: endometritis, adnexitis;
  • pathology of the structure of the uterus;
  • the presence of an intrauterine device;
  • transferred operations;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • polyps in the uterus;
  • myoma;
  • avitaminosis, especially deficiency of calcium or magnesium in the female body;
  • increased excitability of the central nervous system;
  • low pain threshold;
  • endometriosis.


Algomenorrhea manifests itself in the form of painful sensations localized in the lower abdomen and sometimes extending to the lower back. The pain can be aching, but usually is cramping. Some women clearly feel contractions during which menstrual flow is more abundant.

Severe pain may be accompanied by nausea, in severe cases, turning into vomiting.Due to the proximity of the uterus and intestines, dyspeptic disorders occur: abdominal distension, flatulence, diarrhea. Sometimes a pronounced pain syndrome reduces performance, worsens the general state of health and condition. Often there is depression, apathy, tearfulness.

How to eliminate pain?

How to get rid of pain during menstruation? First of all, you need to find out and eliminate the causes of algomenorrhea. Visit the gynecologist and tell about your problem. The doctor will examine, prescribe tests: smear, blood tests for hormones. To identify violations of the functioning of the reproductive system is assigned an ultrasound. Endoscopic diagnostics allows not only to detect pathologies, but also to identify them and make an accurate diagnosis.

When hormonal disruptions are determined by the level of hormones, after which appropriate therapy is prescribed, including the use of drugs based on progesterone, estrogen. Sometimes it is enough to take modern contraceptives, but in some cases serious medications with a high concentration of active substances are recommended.

When tumors are localized in the uterus, they are surgically removed. If the cause of painful periods are inflammatory diseases, you need to eliminate their causes and symptoms. In case of bacterial infections, antibiotics are indicated, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are prescribed for the relief of inflammation. As part of complex therapy, physiotherapeutic procedures are used, for example, mud cure, iontophoresis, UHF-therapy.

Emergency measures

What to do to alleviate your condition? Such emergency measures will help:

  • With severe pain, you can take an anesthetic drug. Spasmolytics, such as “No-Shpa”, “Drotaverin”, “Spazmolgon”, “Papaverine”, allow to achieve a quick effect. Also used NSAIDs: "Nurofen", "Paracetamol", "Mig."
  • Heat. You can attach a warm heating pad to a stomach, a towel heated on a battery or heater, or a bottle filled with warm water. Heat will eliminate spasm and relax muscles, relieving pain. But any selected item should not be hot!
  • Relaxing warm shower. Direct a weak stream of warm water on your stomach: a light massage and warmth will help to stop the pain syndrome.But hot water and high pressure can aggravate the situation, increasing the intensity of discharge and provoking a spasm.
  • Comfortable position. If you find it, you can relax and unwind. Embryo posture is most appropriate: lie on your side, bring your knees bent to your chest and curl up.
  • Light massage. Carefully and gently stroke the stomach, moving the palm clockwise. But do not move quickly and do not exert strong pressure, so as not to provoke blood flow to the genitals and not to increase muscle tone.
  • As an additional measure, you can take a mild sedative that will relieve nervous tension. This may be a tincture of valerian or motherwort, a combined sedative, "Glycine."
  • Aromatherapy is useful. Oil of rosemary, lavender, mint, coriander, lavender, patchouli will help to forget about the pain.

How to forget about pain forever?

In order not to experience pain during the menstrual cycle, follow a few rules:

  1. Compliance with the regime of the day, the balance of rest and wakefulness. In order for the body to work smoothly and without failures, lie down and get up at one time, sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, do not overwork and do not overwork.
  2. Avoid stress.Emotional stress has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, causing muscle spasms. Treat everything easier, less nervous.
  3. Physical activity. Regular loads will improve the work of the muscles and prevent their spasms, causing the occurrence of pain. Useful exercises for the abdominals: the rise of the body and legs from a prone position, bending and turning the body. Good yoga, pilates, aerobics, swimming. Some exercises can be performed during menstruation. Lie on the floor, lean on the support with your legs bent at the knees. Raise your pelvis, stay in this position and breathe deeply for 30 seconds. It is also effective knee-elbow posture, in which you need to swing your hips in different directions.
  4. Positive attitude. Do not wait for the next period as something terrible and unpleasant. Treat them more calmly, think about the good, get distracted and lead a usual way of life.
  5. Proper nutrition. Include in the ration of digestion fermented milk products, fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, as well as products containing calcium, magnesium, vitamins E, groups B, C.Useful bananas, apricots, hard cheese, red fish, green vegetables and herbs, citrus. But the food that causes fermentation in the intestine, exclude. This category includes grapes, legumes, watermelons, flour and sweets. Forget about spicy dishes, do not abuse chocolate, cocoa, coffee.
  6. Regularly visit the gynecologist. The doctor will identify the beginning of the disease and help quickly solve the problems.
  7. A few days before menstruation, begin to take decoctions of herbs, for example, tansy, lemon balm, elecampane, mint, chamomile, horsetail, angelica. But it is advisable to use such means after consulting a specialist, since they all have contraindications.

It remains to wish all the fair sex health and painless menstruation.

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