How to gain trust?

Theoretically, it is not difficult to win someone’s trust: psychologists have long discovered ways to charm a companion and pass for him “on the board”. Experts successfully use these techniques not only to attract friends, but also at work. True, it is not immediately possible to implement the theory in practice. Good communication skills need to be developed. But. What are these skills?

How to gain trust: tips

  1. Become like your interlocutor: pay attention to how he speaks, moves, reasons, dresses. Psychologically, we feel safe when the person with whom we are talking is the same as we are. Therefore, try to copy his manners, but so that it does not look like a posturing.
  2. Dress in the style that your companion likes, that is, in his style. This move is successfully used by businessmen. For example, the salon auto dealer "Shevrale" Joe Girard - twice the best seller in the world - was in the working quarters. Clients were also workers who came here after a busy day. To his customers, Girard did not come out in expensive suits, but in a well-worn working overalls, affably extending a callused hand.For buyers, he immediately became "his" and designed the majority of transactions.
  3. At the time of "small talk" casually mention what is common to you and the other person. To determine such interests, carefully examine the environment in which you are met, listen to the words of your opponent - he will mention himself sooner or later.
  4. It is better to meet with a person several times to achieve the desired effect. So increase the chance to prove their similarity with the interlocutor.
  5. Repeat poses, movements and gestures of the interlocutor. Just copying is not worth it, make similar movements, observing the rhythm and speed set by the interlocutor. For example, a man raised his hand to light a cigarette, and you - to straighten a tie.
  6. You can not copy the expression of the interlocutor. It looks like a caricature, the opponent immediately sees the trick. But he will not notice repetitions in the "mirror" form. For example, if a person uses his right hand while gesticulating, you can do the same with his left while talking to him.
  7. Repeat the intonation and pace of the interlocutor's speech. This technique is effective in cases where a person hears, but does not see you. For example, when talking on the phone.Similarly, with the help of the voice, you can influence your opponent. For example, someone who is annoyed and trying to speak loudly may reduce his tone if he responds by hearing a speech of the same nature, but in a slightly calmer manner.
  8. In a conversation, repeat the name of the interlocutor. Even Dale Carnegie said: there is nothing more pleasant for a person than his own name.

Psychological contact can be considered successful if you notice that the other person is trying to copy your actions. This suggests that they trust you and try to “tune in” to you.

All of these techniques are suitable for communicating with girls, and when talking with men. They are more related to the dating period. In the case of long-term contact and personal relations, questions of gaining trust, depending on the situation, will be solved individually.

For example, how to win the trust of a girl, if a man is in a serious relationship? In this case, it is necessary to prove her reliability to her: calmly respond to her emotional outbursts, not direct her own strength against her, try to solve her problem (for the beginning, the everyday one).

To gain the trust of a guy, a girl, first of all, should be clear to him. That is, openly talk about their grievances and desires. And here, it is better to keep silent about the plans! Men love complements, therefore, to gain trust, it is not necessary to deny flattery. Well, and, of course, you need to be a woman - to look good, create comfort, cook deliciously.

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