How to get a car loan

You will need
  • Passport, second document, certificate 2-NDFL, copy of employment record or copy of employment contract, certified by the employer
Banks and car dealerships offer car loans, but note that such loans have one feature - the presence of a mortgage on a car. It means either the purchased car or the car that you have at the moment.
Do not rush, choosing a credit institution. Consider the proposed loan program. Very much depends on your financial capabilities, the requirements of the credit institution to the borrower, as well as the compliance of the acquired object with the requirements of the bank.
Choosing between a car dealership and a bank, decide what is more important for you - the speed of registration or the cost of the loan? In the showroom loan processing is faster, but the loan will be more expensive.
As a rule, a car dealership cooperates with several banks. Since managers are interested in selling, decisions are made by the bank within hours or days upon request from the car dealership.But for the speed of decision making you have to pay a higher annual rate. In addition, you may receive additional payments. Take this into account when choosing a credit institution.
Prepare all necessary documents. It is better to collect the full package, this will reduce the loan rate. When applying to the bank, compared to the car dealership, you will need to provide more documents. The bank usually considers the application for several days, but you can get a more profitable annual interest.
For a positive decision, you must meet the requirements of the bank. Therefore, provide a passport, a second document, a certificate of income, a copy of the employment record with the employer's signature, or a copy of the employment contract for a car loan.
As a second identity document, you can use a driver's license, military ID, passport or military ID.
A certificate of income can be provided in form 2-NDFL, and in free form, certified by the employer. In addition, fill out a loan application form on a special form. You can do this in the bank.
When buying a used car from a private person, choose those financial institutions that credit used cars and issue funds in cash. Keep in mind that the rates on loans for used cars will be higher than on new ones.
In a credit institution, find out the percentage of the annual rate. Then you must decide on the amount of the intended loan and the term of the loan. Do not hurry with the signing of documents, find out all the clauses of the contract that are not clear to you.

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