How to get a consumer loan

You will need
  • - loan agreement;
  • - invoice.
Apply for a consumer loan. This is usually a standard set of documents: passport, identification code, military ID (for men), certificate of average earnings from the main place of work (for the last 3 or 6 months), a copy of the work record. But there are also simplified packages of documents, such as: passport and identification code.
Fill out an application for a loan. The application is accompanied by a package of your documents and an invoice for the goods being purchased (if this is a targeted loan). In the case of a consumer loan, the purchased product acts as collateral for the loan, so there is no need to issue an additional pledge agreement. Your application is considered from 1 hour to 3 days, as a result of which the decision on the loan is made.
Issue a loan agreement. Such an agreement must be signed by a representative of the bank and the borrower, as well as certified by the seal of the bank.Before signing the contract, it is recommended to once again familiarize yourself with its terms and clarify controversial points with a bank representative. Pay attention to such parameters of the contract as: the established repayment schedule, the terms of payment and the amount of the monthly payment. After registration of the contract, the bank shall pay the cost of your goods to the seller’s current account.

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