How to get a flu shot in 2017

When to vaccinate

A timely vaccination against influenza helps to develop immunity to infection in the body. In this case, the disease will be easier, without complications, and recovery will come faster. In addition, the immune system as a whole is activated, which will improve resistance to all viral diseases.
Vaccination season starts in October and October. After vaccination, it takes time to develop a full-fledged immunity, so you need to try to get a vaccine before the start of a massive illness of influenza. However, vaccination is also permitted during the period of the epidemic - if patients are at risk. As a rule, these are elderly people with severe systemic diseases of the body (heart attack, history of stroke). In this case, after vaccination, quarantine must be maintained for 2 weeks.
Vaccination is carried out in medical institutions, after a medical examination, since there are a number of contraindications that the patient may not be aware of, but they can nevertheless lead to serious complications.It is impossible to carry out vaccination at an elevated temperature, exacerbation of a chronic disease. Data on the number, series of the preparation, date of issue, and manufacturer are entered in a special register of registration in order to be able to track down low-quality vaccine. Vaccine injection is subcutaneously in the forearm, the procedure itself is relatively painless.

Contraindications for flu vaccination

The main contraindication is an allergy to chicken protein or formaldehyde, which can manifest itself in the form of urticaria, angioedema. In addition, you should not be vaccinated, if the previous vaccination was a strong reaction of the body with increasing temperature to high values, the development of complications. This may indicate a reduced immunity, which is also a contraindication for this vaccination.
Flu vaccine during pregnancy is a rather controversial issue. It is unequivocally prohibited to vaccinate in the first trimester (12 weeks) of pregnancy. In all other cases, you must consult an obstetrician. He will have to evaluate the benefits and potential harm from vaccination.
Vaccination against influenza is mandatory only for certain categories of the population: employees of educational, educational and medical institutions. Should be vaccinated against influenza by employees of livestock enterprises, catering and food industry workers, some other specific professions, as well as children of pre-school age, schoolchildren and students.
For these categories, flu vaccination is free, all others should pay for it themselves, so they have the right to decide whether to conduct it, because, despite active propaganda, the majority of the population still have doubts about the feasibility and safety of flu vaccine for the body.

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