How to get a loan in two banks

Decide in which bath you want to take a loan. First of all, pay attention to the one in which you have a salary account. Often they provide special favorable conditions for corporate clients. Also watch advertising on television and in print. Banks periodically hold shares to reduce interest rates on loans.
Come to the branch of the selected bank with all the documents. When filling in the form, please provide not only your passport details, place of work and income, but also information about the credit you already have. Most likely, the second bank will be interested first of all in the size of your monthly payments, and not in the term or amount of the entire loan. Do not try to disrupt your credit. Banks use the services of a credit history bureau, which collects information about their obligations to citizens. Data is also stored on loans already paid. If you do not inform the bank about your current payments, this may undermine your credibility as a potential borrower.
If banks for some reason do not provide you with a second loan, try resorting to the on-lending program. In this case, you will receive from the second bank an amount sufficient to close the first loan, plus additional money for other needs. Interest on a new loan may be lower than on the old one, due to which over-lending becomes profitable. To apply for such a loan, you will need to submit a loan agreement with the first bank, as well as a certificate from it about the remaining debt, in addition to your passport, income certificate and copy of employment record.
When approving your loan application, part of the money will be transferred directly to the account of another bank to close the first loan. You will receive the balance in cash or to another account. Thus, you will have only one current loan with an increased amount.

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