How to get customers from the Internet

Content marketing is suitable for companies of completely different sizes and specializations. But it is important to really know who your real and potential customers are and what they are interested in. You need to understand what are the real benefits of your product or service. Think in advance if you are ready to practice serving additional customers who will come to you as a result of the campaign.
Decide what goals you want to achieve. Content marketing allows you to solve a fairly wide range of tasks at once - this is website promotion with the help of high-quality links, strengthening brand reputation, informing about the benefits of a product, and even direct sales. But to understand the effectiveness, you need to clearly define the tasks to be solved and the KPI of the campaign. This may include the coverage of publications (for image placements), the number of clicks to the site, the conversion into purchases, etc.
After the strategy you need to deal directly with the creation and distribution of content.For the campaign to be effective, it is better to hire professionals for this stage - internet marketers with experience in content marketing and copywriters. If there is no money for a specialist in the state or there are no regular tasks for him, you can turn to outside contractors, to specialized agencies.
The prices for content marketing are low and quite affordable even for small businesses. For example, in alfa-content, the initial package costs 50,000 rubles (this is actually a micro-budget) and provides several placements. At the same time, working with channels directly turns out to be more expensive: managers already have established connections with sites, work experience and proven authors. With the same source data, they will provide more target outputs.
After the campaign, be sure to analyze the results. Think about their success and further placements, which will develop success or will focus on other target audiences. Successful content will bring customers and then, when potential customers will find long-published publications on the Internet. The more popular the site, the more significant this delayed effect will be.

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