How to get enough sleep quickly

You will need
  • - orthopedic pillow;
  • - Handbook of yoga;
  • - alarm clock.
Try to increase not the duration, but the quality of sleep. For 2-3 hours, do not eat heavy and spicy foods, do not exhaust yourself with physical exertion. Ventilate the bedroom well to oxygenate the air. Take a warm shower, directing hotter streams of water to your feet: this simple method will help to drain blood from the head. Choose high-quality bedding and an orthopedic pillow to help relax your neck and make your sleep more effective.
Change your sleep mode. For example, if you go to bed at 22 o'clock, and get up at 4 o'clock, during this time your body will recover better than in the standard 8 hours, which you will sleep after midnight. The fact is that just before the start of the new day, several times more of the hormone melatonin is released, which contributes to the recovery of cells, normalizes biological rhythms and even prevents aging. If it is hard for you to fall asleep so early, work on relaxing the body with the help of consciousness. Take a comfortable position and feel how every organ, every part of the body relaxes and grows heavier.Gradually you will start to get enough sleep faster and at the same time you will be full of energy in the morning.
Try to master the well-known technique of yoga-nidra (yoga dream). This is a method of deep relaxation of the whole organism, within the framework of which you do not fall asleep in the usual sense, but are in a borderline state. Yoga Nidra helps significantly recuperate, provide a powerful flow of energy, release consciousness and even find answers to complex internal issues. One hour spent in this state is equivalent to four hours of normal sleep. The method of yoga-nidra is easy enough to master, it has no contraindications, it has nothing to do with hypnosis or other rather dangerous practices. As a result, you will learn to get enough sleep much faster. You can practice yoga sleep as before a night's sleep, thereby reducing its total time, and during the day for 15 minutes.

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